EA fixes the majority of the issues with Battlefront 2’s Lootboxes

In a move that feels comically late at this point, EA has announced that they have updated the Loot-box and Star Cards system in Star Wars Battlefront 2 to a level that people shouted it should be on release.

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-Foxtrot240d ago

Too late

They've killed the franchise and if they were smart by the time Battlefront III comes out they'll get rid of the shitty Star Card system...make it like the 2005 game

bloop239d ago

I'm just waiting for an incoming announcement about all the free future content being changed to paid DLC now.

Cobra951239d ago

The only way to fix a lootbox is to kill it outright.

Derceto239d ago

Back pedaling is hardly considered "fixing it". It's back pedaling due to retaliation, and nothing more. None of this was done out of the goodness of their hearts.

Never forget, and never trust this slime bucket company whatsoever.

JackBNimble239d ago

Retaliation? The game has sold more then 9 Million copies, that may not be the number EA was looking for but hardly retaliation.

spicelicka239d ago

Well good to know they fixed the issues and credit to whomever pitched for this to happen in the internal team. As much as I wanted to believe our verbal backlash made the difference, i'm sure the reality is that they just didn't meet their financial target and decided to ditch the system. Still I have hope that this sets a negative impression for lootboxes in general to all developers.

Amyellevivv239d ago

Loot boxes are like cockroaches burn one and get more paywalls

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