Live Sevices are Ruining Multiplayer

David from GamingInstincts writes: Multiplayer games have gained and lost a lot in the transition from traditional DLC to live services. Gating crucial content such as maps and game modes behind paywalls segregated communities, limiting games’ lifespans. In sidestepping this conundrum at the cost of introducing others, the live service model is the lesser of two evils rather than an appropriate replacement.

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ZeekQuattro1060d ago

Hell it sometimes impacts single player on some games. Take 2 for instance canceled single player content to focus on multiplayer content in GTA V. It's also why there hasnt been a GTA 6 yet.

Xaevi1059d ago

COD, Overwatch, Destiny, PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO. They've all contributed to the state of which multiplayer games are in currently. Pointless map packs, grindy looter shooters, BR shoved into everything, battle passes, loot boxes, gun skins and stupid hats. People eat all this shite up, but there's no actual substance. Strip away that which is giving people a quick high and you'd see there's not a single multiplayer game worth playing

SLiSH831059d ago

The only one that is still stuck doing “map packs” is Destiny
Overwatch nothing past cost of the game
COD nothing past cost of the game
PUBG nothing past cost of the game
Fortnite completely free

Anything after the cost of the game is up to the player. No ones forcing the purchase of a battle pass
Skins don’t give another player a advantage in MP.

tombfan1059d ago (Edited 1059d ago )

Live services are the new MMORPGs... Everyone wants to be in one but with time, people will stop playing them.