Metal Gear Solid 4's first hours are the worst of the franchise

After replaying MGS 1-3 I hopped into MGS 4 for an exciting conclusion but was hit with the worst opening hours of the series so far. Overwritten, lacking tension, and struggling to modernize the series gameplay we would see refined in MGS V

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PhoenixUp217d ago

The first two levels are the best part of MGS4 as well as the franchise

SourtreeDing217d ago

MGS4 is one of my top games of all time

Nitrowolf2217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I think it's my favorite opening of the series. Something about that Grimm dark war-torn setting that fits so perfectly with the music, and that Solid Snake is nearing his end just gets to me so much on an emotional level.

naruga217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

mGS4 tried to depict so many realistic elements of a real war that are not even visible to the eye of a casual uneducated gamer ...afer so many years i replay mGS4 and i mfinding myself speechless how well informed and dedicated Kojima was about military tactics ,strategies, life and routine htat included in the game ....the article is simple BS

NecrumOddBoy217d ago

MGS4 is the ultimate love letter to the franchise. It is a perfect 10 for veterans of the series,. It is not an entry point though. You need to be a MGS player but thankfully it he PS3 had a wiki app for MGS.

morganfell215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Remarkable title.

A landmark achievement in storytelling.

Best Metal Gear game I ever played and I played them all from launch. Also this was the game that unveiled the biggest reveal ever and one that was 20 years in the making. Nothing in the history of gaming possessed a bomb drop equal to discovering the truth related to you at the end of the game. It literally changed the nature of every Metal Gear game you played previously as well as the truth about almost every single mini and major boss battle encountered to that point.

Do yourself a favor and just block a90skidmark because anyone unable to comprehend what MGS4 offers isn't a site which you should ever visit.

_-EDMIX-_215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

lol I was waiting for Morganfell tof comment!

dat ending doe! I would say the only thing that stops Metal Gear Solid 4 from reaching absolute epicness would be Konami very much probably trying to stop Solid Snake from killing himself. The way the game was headed it was very clear that Kojima likely wanted to just have snakes character die to let the series move on on an extremely high note.

So even with a special edition on Metal Gear Solid 4 I would very much buy a remaster in a heartbeat.

Babadook7215d ago

/metal-gear-solid-4s-first-hou rs-are-the-worst-of-the-franchi se


A. This is a very old game.
B. You sir are wrong.

mikeslemonade215d ago

4 is the 2nd worst game.

The main series is ranked like this

2 1 3 4 5

morganfell215d ago

Ha ha. Actually Kojima had several ideas for the ending including the one that was eventually in the game. He had an idea for Otacon and Snake to turn themselves in but Kojima's own team voted him down on that one. He laughed about that in an interview. So no, it wasn't Konami. After all, Snake has very little time left in the MGS4 ending created by Kojima and Konami let that go through. Had they wanted to extend matters they would have had Naomi discover some way to reverse the aging.

For me, Big Boss was the most tragic of characters in the series and since that ending I instantly liked and to this day prefer Richard Doyle's voice work.


_-EDMIX-_215d ago

Morgan fell - because of their numerous non-disclosure agreements was hideo Kojima ever even going to tell us if it was Konami that did it? I mean you're talking about they're all star character I just don't see them wanting to have that end by having the character kill himself as this sounds more so like a corporate move.

Consider it is after all that Konami owns the intellectual property.

RevXM214d ago


the wiki is nice, but there is a catalogue in the game about the entire franchise, story and characters or was that in something else? I believe it was attached to a mgs game on the ps3.

And the controls in MGS4 is really good, I find the earlier games a little cumbersome, but the gameplay in mgs4 is both deep and quite intuitive and easy to learn and get the basics and then a lot to learn fully to master the game, so much so I was a tiny bit letdown for MGS5 gameplay where you dont have the entire moveset and some other things that were present in 4, still really great gameplay in 5 though which introduced some new things in of itself. 4 is my favourite.

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Vandamme21215d ago

The 1st act, 2nd act, 3rd act, and 4th act were all epic to me. What really disappoint me is the 5th act. They really force with the cutscenes in the 5th act.

Movefasta1993215d ago

Facts bruh , I think the first act in general was the strongest. And at the start when you are in the battlefield and then the cowmechs appear that was intense!

-Foxtrot215d ago

I agree

I mean at least this felt like a MGS game unlike MGSV which was just a boring open world, reptitive game with a lacking, forced in story

shloobmm3215d ago

Not even close. Best part of MGS4 is crawling through that tunnel while your suit explodes.

_-EDMIX-_215d ago

I don't even understand what this individuals talking about when they say lack of detail I would argue Metal Gear Solid 4 continues the series tradition of ridiculous detail everywhere.

GameHead85215d ago

The whole damn game is amazing.

rainslacker215d ago

Dunno about that, but the first section was pretty tense. IMO, one of the best ways to do a tutorial there is, because you could still die. When you hear those Gekkos and they show up and start stalking you, it was a showcase for what MGS was all about.

I think it was my favorite MGS game because it was so well executed, and didn't have a lot of oddities to the game play mechanics which could break the immersion like the other games. While I never thought the older games were bad in any way, I felt MGS4 really put it all together perfectly. MGS5 had better game play, but it was lacking in execution at times, and the story wasn't all that great, otherwise it would have been my favorite.

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JKSimmons217d ago

You mean an opening that includes Old Snake's unbelievably, well-crafted monologue for MGS4? Okay, mate. LOL.

PhoenixUp217d ago

After a decade after that monologue, just replace “war” with “Konami” in that speech and it becomes even more relevant

Steveoreno1215d ago

Ikr. I feel like I just stepped out of a time machine with this article.

UCForce217d ago

Really ? MGS4 is my personal favorite.

Chaos_Order215d ago

For me it's basically a tie between MGS 3 and 4. (Although I would say 4 should absolutely be played on hard mode for a better experience) Both are pretty different games in terms of pacing, environment, general gameplay, story... 3 has the best standalone story but 4 managed to take an entire complex series and give it an actual fitting ending that fully explained many mysteries. (Something that's rare these days, just look at series like Lost which just kept piling mysteries to BS their viewers to keep watching for answers) 3 was slower paced, 4 had more OMG moments, but both worked well given their tone. 3 had more interesting boss characters but 4 had improved gameplay mechanics. Honestly, it's down to the wire for me. Both are incredible, as are MGS 1 and 2. Peace Walker was great too.

I didn't care at all for Phantom Pain... Perfect name for it as it still hurts to this day, lol.

robtion215d ago

Mine too. Though I realise it's subjective MGS4 is easily my favourite entry in the series.

The perfect game for a PS4 remaster too as technical limitations(2 installations, frequent loading) were it's main flaw and can now be remedied.

Knushwood Butt216d ago

So far?

Well, whatever, but the tiresome, scripted hospital sequence at the start of V is easily the worst of the lot.

I had to force myself to play through that.

Chaos_Order215d ago

I was thinking the same thing! MGSV as a whole was a big disappointment but the opening hour was by far the worst part. I was honestly cringing at how bad it was. After Ground Zeroes managed such a heart-rending climax I was baffled with how badly MGSV carried on from that.

When Boss pretends to be dead by OBVIOUSLY BREATHING AND FLUTTERING HIS EYELIDS AND DOING NOTHING TO GET AWAY so the guards who were mercilessly shooting corpses stand there and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING dear God, it's such a joke.
Also the bit where Boss is in the middle of a bunch of people in a corridor and is not only the only survivor, but gets out without a scratch. Even Michael Bay could've done better.

goldwyncq215d ago

Worst? Lol, it was one of the only engaging parts in the game storywise.

Knushwood Butt215d ago

Maybe, but that's not saying much.

rainslacker215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

I didn't mind it the first time. The 2nd time though....that was too much. They could have had the story reveal without having to replay the whole damn thing. If you were somewhat perceptive at the beginning, you already would have known that story reveal anyways.