Fable II OXM Review Score Confirmed Legit

Official Xbox Magazine senior editor Ryan McCaffrey confirmed Fable II (9.5) score to be legit in a comment at NeoGaf forums.

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fufotrufo4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

There's lots of info from people reviewing the game ..

some here:

"Here's a review: it's bloody brilliant.

No game since Colossus has made me feel like such an unimaginable bastard as this did last night, and it was a fuking side-quest.

And, while there are technically superior games on the 360, this just looks utterly lush in places. Sunrise over Oakfield....oh, man.

It's silly season for games, I know. But Molyneux and Lionhead deserve your dollars. But Fable II also deserves time. So get it, and save it for a period where you can spend thirty-odd hours (or, perhaps, even more) playing the damn thing without flitting to and from other games. Savour it. Because it's a game to luxuriate in. Let the world of Albion remain untainted by sojourns elsewhere.

You won't regret doing this, believe me."

"I've heard extremely positive things from a reviewer I trust who is playing a review copy now, so I'm not worried. In fact, what he said has got me even more excited! He says it's his game of the year so far now."-Garthvaderuk

This is so good to hear! Hope it turns out great!

TheColbertinator4629d ago

Absolutely spectacular

*claps for Molyneux and Lionhead*

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sackboy says hi4629d ago

sackboy gives respect to this game, i tought it will flop but i have changed my mind about it....

but sackboy says im still better than fable 2... ;-D

Gam714629d ago Show
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Emmo4629d ago


This is a 360 post, get lost.

I hope the other reviews are good too, I have pre ordered this game.

Perjoss4629d ago

only 1 sonyboy in here making the usual negative comments? I've come to expect more these days really, c'mon Lanoire, cant you call for some backup or something?

Fable2 looks to be an amazing game, so does LBP, just incase people are not clear about this: there is room for both of these games on the market.

HighDefinition4629d ago

BUt, this IS OXM and there are more reviews to come. Offical Mags always rate exclusive stuff high. It`s their job too.

4629d ago
HighDefinition4629d ago

Let me correct myself.

Fable2 will be GREAT, and offical magazine`s don`t have any obligation to rate a exclusive game high.

SlippyMadFrog4629d ago

OXM is pretty honest actualy. Sometimes they score Xbox360 exclusives much less than neutral mags.

The Makr4629d ago

I can tell you they do not spout the company line. If they did, I wouldn't be subscribing. For instance they gave Too Human a 6.5

Unfortunately, they, like so many other reviewers, missed what makes Too Human so great. You have to play the geme for literally hundreds of hours to fully appreciate it. It's beyond addictive once you really get into the community aspect of trading and co-oping to level and equip the various character classes. The game, unlike so many games, has extreme depth and replayablity, but I digress.

If they gave Fable II a 9.5, then guess what, I am going to buy Fable II and enjoy the hell out of it, and you PS3 guys can go play with your sackboy.

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pavarotti4629d ago

are you gonna get payed some money if lbp sells more? i just wanted to know becoz i see soooooo many fan-boys talking about outselling, i assumed they were all in-line for bonuses!

it's funny you should mention the 10 for lbp from opm, becoz one super sony fanboy above us questions the oxm score, but fails to mention the 10 from opm? i tell ya, the double standards of sad fanboys is beyond belief.

anyway, day one purchase fable2. only 2 weeks now.

dragunrising4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

Sony isn't known for advertising their games like Microsoft. Granted LBP is a great game by any standard, you can't say that it will sell x amount or y amount. Its not a sequel, hasn't seen extensive advertising (yet) and looks "kiddy." Time will tell whether or not it achieves mass market appeal. I am not saying it will sell poorly, but you can't claim one will sell oodles more than another. I can't tell the future and neither can you. With that said, I will purchase LBP and Fable II. Apparently, the game industry wants me to be broke.

Also, I can't say I'm surprised to see Madden sling some mud in a positive Xbox 360 story. Talk about Fable II or move on...

ukilnme4629d ago

@ John Madden.

"You xbox zealots can never admit that a game is better on PS3. LBP will sell more than Fable 2."

Please explain to us why playstation zealots such as yourself, always find their way to the 360 threads. WTF does Fable 2 have to do with LBP? Nothing at all. Maybe you should admit that Fable 2 is looking to be a great game.

As for LBP selling more than Fable 2, maybe it will. Last I checked though, plenty of playstation zealots have said that high sales do not make a game great, refer to Halo 3 threads. You can't have it both ways. Which one is it going to be?

BWS19824629d ago

not consoles, so even though I don't have a 360 at the moment (a PS3), I have a mental list of all the greats I'd get, and Fable 2 has always been on there (along with PDZ, Dead Rising, Crackdown, Gears 1, 2, and NG2, among others). I'm glad this game seems like it will do well. If I had money, I'd already have a 360.

himdeel4629d ago

...because there is too much game sexayness for my wallet to handle and I can't get all these games without my wife getting mad at me. This must be how it feels to have your stomach totally full while standing in front of a free buffet :( with all your favorite foods.

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fufotrufo4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

2 disagrees because he needs MORE FANTASY GAMES!?


In this thread you can expect SDF working hard to discredit the game ...why? they are scared this could hurt LBP and don't want people to enjoy this game

shine13964629d ago

people can disagree with a lot of things.. I once got so pissed off with a phantom disagreer, I wrote: Hello, to see if he/she would disagree. guess what? Somebody disagreed with it.
anyway on topic, I don't think lbp and this clash. I think a more sutiable match up is fable 2 with fallout 3.

green4629d ago

when your done with Fable 2, you won't have to wait long to get another fantasy RPG.

dro4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

cool review, i tought this game will be bad but it looks like it will b a solid game

sackboy says hi4629d ago

haha...dont worry i will soon change to me real account!!.. lets face it almost every one on n4g has multiple accounts...i have 4.. :D

Gam714629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

I don't.

I only have one yet i'm accused of have multiple all the time.

my message got deleted as off topic?
are the mods serious?
really is a ps3 site

green4629d ago

speak for yourself.I only need one.

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DELTABOY044629d ago

i hope its that good. Havent read any previews as of yet that was blown away by the game.

i hate to say it but for some strange reason my gut tells me that microsoft might roll out the checks for these reviews to counter the LBP buzz and reviews. Just my gut and knowing how microsoft work.

O god ima get flamed for this one

green4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

lol at you guys and your conspiracy theory's.

They didn't hand out the checks for an average game like Too Human but they will handout checks for a game like Fable 2 that if you truly had read any previews is a guaranteed AAA title.

Firstkn1ghT4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

Show me a link and proof that Microsoft has ever done that. Cuz I can show you a link where Konami gave reviewers restrictions for the game MGS4. Sony is the only one that has games that has solid proof of foul play.

die_fiend4629d ago

Why are people disagreeing with the above? He's asking some1 to link him some info, about Microsoft paying people to give good reviews. It's a valid point. I can't think of a single 360 game that got unwarranted sweet scores. Halo mayb slightly overrated but do u think Microsoft just paid every single site? More likely they actually just bummed it for some reason. Microsoft are loaded but they can't just blitz cash unless it's gonna have some sort of benefit...what games do u think they've placed restrictions on reviewers or bribed (LOL) them to give them good ones? So much more likely that the game's actually good isn't it? U honestly think Microsoft would need 2 justify a game compared 2 LBP? Media Molecule are Molyneux's old colleagues so it's pretty much guaranteed that both games are sweet.

pegger244629d ago

no flaming here but come on, if you think a public traded company can just put bribe money out there you are a bit of an idiot. Sure they can pull there advertising, but they didn't for the poor too human reviews. Please show me a link or something of Microsoft do this. You really have to let it go, it might just be a good game.
Sorry that it isn't awful. Does that bother you? would you be more comfortable if they called you and asked your opinion of the game without playing it?

DiabloRising4629d ago

Congrats to the team at Lionhead for their hardwork. This looks to be an amazing title. I have to say, THIS game would be the reason for me to pick up a 360, easily. Good work Molyneux!

As for FirstKn1ght, give it a rest...

Oh how quickly you forget the $800 swag bags MS sent out to Halo 3 reviewers. Tsk tsk. Pot. Kettle. Black. Also, most of the MGS4 review "restrictions" were centered on not discussing things like plot spoilers. Considering its a game wrapping up 60 years of continuity, I have to thank them for that.

Still, in the end I guess it doesn't justify devs placing restrictions on reviews in general... but damn, don't act like MS doesn't do it too please. That's just foolish.

Xi4628d ago

kojima productions also paid for a first class tickt to paris for larger sites to review the games, like IGN and gamespot.

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jkhan4629d ago

The game will be good no question about it. Its odd Microsoft is not hyping it like no tomorrow. Fable 2 will be awesome. Day 1 purchase for me:P

bouncybullet4629d ago

The website just yesterday got launched with some cool stuff.

You can play through this nicely designed flash game.
And depending on your outcome you'll unlock in-game items
(if you're signed in to the site with your Live ID.)

Also, that new trailer with the kid changing appearance is very cool.

cherrypie4629d ago

Fantasy RPGs are more "niche" games these days, the advertising is there, but not massive "mass market" marketing.

solidt124629d ago

Peter is the man. Another great game from the god game king.

Lanoire4629d ago

These people gave infinite floppery a triple A score. These people gave Ninja Gaiden a tripl A score.

These people even gave Too Human a triple A score!

hahaha, enough said.

Vecta4629d ago

OXM gave Too Human a 65...

WTF are you talking about

Montrealien4629d ago

Lanoire, don`t you have a LBP story to go circle jerk in? you just got owned.

marionz4628d ago

to all the LBP sony b1tches in here, atleast fable is 3D lol, a real game for grownups, i would take fable any day over LBP, how many levels can you create before you get board?

LBP is a five hour story with no real ending then thats it,all you have left to do is create levels, it probably diserves the scores it got but after a few weeks im sure you sony geeks will be back to waiting for a real game.

PoSTedUP4628d ago

"a real game for grownups"

"grownups" build and create levels though thats why ALOT of older people are interested : )

karlostomy4628d ago

a cutesy 2d platform game with wii style innovative level design and 2d physics effects?

or a fabulously 3d, engrossing adventure full of personal choices, destiny and deliciously addictive roleplaying?

even though i have mentioned no names Everyone knows which games I am talking about....
Does that say something about those games?

PoSTedUP4628d ago

id choose the game, where the possibility's are endless. where you can make whatever you want, how ever you want it. the game where you are the developer, the creator, and the character. but thats just me... ;)

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