Project Nightmares: New Horror Survival Game Looks Creepy in this First Gameplay Trailer

Check out the first gameplay trailer of Project Nightmares, an upcoming survival horror game - powered by Unity Engine.

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Einhander1971324d ago

Now this looks really promising

Stanjara324d ago

This is so bad, OMG! Realy?... promising?

_-EDMIX-_323d ago

Yeah I agree I'm going to wait to hear more because we always hear about games like this that are basically just walking simulators so I'm going to need a little more proof of concept.

I think it's strange for anyone to seriously jump the gun and try to make it sound as if this is the greatest thing since sliced bread if anything this generation has shown you could have lots of games that look really great graphically that just played like absolute garbage.

camel_toad324d ago

The narrator - sounds like the devs just accepted the first person who said they would do it. Walk into Home Depot - Dev walks up to Bill the friendly cashier, Dev: "Hey Bill do you want to narrate a video game?" Bill: "Sure".

BioDead323d ago

I was just thinking that :D OMG, so true !!

KwietStorm324d ago

That's almost the same premise for the patients in Outlast. And why does the narrator sound like the automated voice when you call to pay your phone bill lol

_-EDMIX-_323d ago


Yo the most entertaining thing about this entire article is just reading people comments on that voice over!

KwietStorm323d ago

I don't think they even gave the guy direction. They just asked him to read this card, and they went with it on the first take.

4blender324d ago

Looks like great and very scary

churi304d ago

Thank you very much! =)

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The story is too old to be commented.