Should Secret of Mana Mark a New Era of Square Enix Remakes?

MonsterVine: "As you have likely noticed, we live in the age of remakes. Everything from Aladdin to Crash Bandicoot is receiving remakes to appeal to both young and old audiences, a tactic that works exceptionally well with video games. As a company that dominated consoles in the 90’s, Square Enix has understandably capitalized on this with rereleases and remasters, but it’s only recently that we’ve begun to see full-on remakes become more common. "

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munchmiller251d ago

It's SE. You can take that to the bank. Talking about the company that publicly thanked Denuvo for "making people buy their games".

munchmiller251d ago

SE's hilarious inflated pricing continues. $40 .......... for this? lol Wow.

4blender251d ago

Price is absolute high for this game, woow to

4blender251d ago

Combat system is so basically , only one button to attack, game looks like crap