The Best Android ARPGs Ever Made

The masses have a soft spot for action RPGs. It’s a lovely combination of adrenaline-pumping, real-time gameplay, mixed with stats, big pauldrons, and various amounts of fantasy. What’s not to love about action ARPGs? You’ve got Skyrim, the Diablo series, and even The Witcher 3, but we’ll look specifically at the best action RPGs you can pick up for your Android device right now. And they’re some heavy-hitters.

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Secret Of Mana's Dazzling World Of Colour Opened My Eyes

Secret of Mana recently turned 30 years old in Japan, and to celebrate this seminal action RPG's anniversary, Alana of Nintendo Life is reminiscing about how the game's use of colour inspired a fascination with RPG worlds...

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What the Canadians behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are working on now

Some of the key creatives behind the iconic BioWare RPG discuss the game's Canadian legacy, the evolution of technology and their latest projects.

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sertz78d ago

Think it is super interesting what these guys are doing now. Personally my fav is Zeschuk. Just doing his brewery thing :P


Celebrating 20 years of KOTOR with the iconic RPG's Canadian creators

Lead designer James Ohlen, senior writer Drew Karpyshyn, star Jennifer Hale and more offer a deep dive into one of the greatest games ever made.

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coolbeans79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Still remains an all-time classic. Canada does some good stuff every now and then. ;)