What’s Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's odds of getting a massive update like Street Fighter X Tekken?

Could Capcom give an update to this title that fixes the issues? This scenario seems very similar to the one presented by Street Fighter X Tekken's launch. What are the odds of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite getting a patch that applies fixes similar to the version 2013 update for SFxT?

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PhoenixUp344d ago

Capcom’s Last few fighters haven’t left a good first impression

You’d think they’d learn their lesson by now

opinionated344d ago

An “arcade edition” with a complete overhaul might be enough to save it. I don’t think marvel wants to invest in it like that though so it’s doubtful imo.

PhoenixUp343d ago

They barley invested in this game

It reportedly has a budget that’s smaller than SFV’s DLC and it shows

opinionated343d ago

That’s what I heard as well.

GamesMaster1982343d ago

To be fair i picked this up for only £12 just to play the story mode. And while i found it ok nothing like MKX or Injustice 2 story mode's it was alright. But my only complaint was not that there were no Xmen as not really a fan of the marvel characters ( or movies to be honest ) much anywhere except wolverine and the girl wolverine thing. But my only complain was there was no single story's for each character like the last one.