Famitsu review scores (2/6/18)

This week's Famitsu scores include the first verdict for the Secret of Mana remake and more.

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Relientk772302d ago

Excited for Secret of Mana next week.

deadfrag2302d ago

Prefer the old Mana graphics style than the crappy ones of this remake.They could have made this game look better and more apple to this generation...

Gardenia2302d ago

It looks like a smartphone game. Probably the reason why they did that is a release for smartphones

jojo3192302d ago

Before I read it, safe to assume every game is at LEAST 8/8/9/9?

MoveTheGlow2302d ago

Well, 8's and 7's for the remake, that's interesting, a bit typical of HEY WAIT A MINUTE VIRTUAL ON STILL EXISTS??

...oh, it's anime now. Eh.


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SimpleSlave222d ago

I'm still waiting for a proper Final Fantasy game that looks exactly like Yoshitaka Amano's art. Dissidia proved how ridiculously amazing that would look like but it was still not close enough. They need to go for broke on Amano's art style and design.

I don't care if it's a remake of 5 or 6 or a new entry, just make it happen at some point in this life time SquareEnix...


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