Nintendo Switch: The Cost of Portability

The Nintendo Switch is a great console with a surprising amount of power for a handheld. So it’s not a big surprise to see larger titles coming over to the platform. In a way, the Switch is what the Vita should have been. But since launch there has been a very noticeable trend of games becoming more expensive when port

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PhoenixUp259d ago

Not just the added cost of putting big games on cartridges. When you add in the cost of the more expensive standard controllers, often required additional storage, Ethernet adapter, and even that convoluted way of using voice chat you’ll end up realizing Switch’s portable factor makes it the most expensive console on the market when adding up the costs.

septemberindecember259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Aside from additional storage at some point in time, none of those are a necessity.

DJK1NG_Gaming258d ago

Additional storage is not a big deal unless you're going for the 256GB one.
Waiting for them to be on sale is the best route. I got 128 GB micro sd card last christmas for $36.

258d ago
SurgicalMenace258d ago

Not to you, but perhaps it is for him, if he's making the point. Perhaps he has better things to do with his money, like saving it to have security. Perhaps he has other consoles that offer everything the Switch forces him to pay for. Man the variations are infinite, but who cares right? You're okay waste your money on non necessity items then voicing what's not necessity. Lmbo Do you have the same amount or more sitting in reserve if anything happens? If so, did you not have to sacrifice something to get there, if not, it's about recognising what else is not necessity. JS

indyman7777258d ago

What the heck is he talking about? Last time I checked it has wifi built in this is not a xbox360. It also have a Ethernet port. xbox has more exspensive premium controllers. Use the Joy con base! Or use the 10 point touch screen. Use your old Micro sd cards.

Playstation had voice chat problems for years I lived with that. Big deal. Who talks all the time with annoying people online anyway?

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PhoenixUp259d ago

They are if you want to experience multiplayer, a more stable connection, or basic online functionality

DJK1NG_Gaming258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

uh no. Just use your phone for WiFi Hotspot on the go.
Or upgrade your WiFi to 5-ghz
No connection issues what so ever unless you're playing with someone who is hosting with crappy connection.

indyman7777258d ago

Stable connection? My SWITCH has NEVER dropped a connection. Maybe you should check your internet connection.

PhoenixUp258d ago

@ Corn

Yes they are. The controllers are more expensive than the competing consoles, you can’t use Ethernet as a standard like you can on the competing consoles, and you can’t plug in a basic set of headphones to voice chat like you can on competing consoles.

@ DJ

Using your phone in such a manner is an added expenditure, which goes along with the point I’m making.

@ indy

Wired connections still offer more stability than wireless ones and having the option to use it right out of the box would’ve been great

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deafdani258d ago

I've had the Switch since launch, and I haven't bought the Pro Controller. Joycons on the Grip work perfectly fine.

Ethernet adapter isn't obligstory at all, either. As for the expanded storage, your milleage will vary there, but it's a much smaller issue than people make it out to be. Just buy a couple 128 GB cards or a 200 gb cards and you will be set for life if you buy physical whenever possible and leave that storage for DLC, indies and patches. That's just the nature of portable hardware, because you can't put a spinning hard drive in such a small form factor.

Besides, it's not that different on PS4 / Xbox One. Even a 1TB hard drive disc will fill up pretty fast because of the numerous gigantic patches and mandatory game installs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Neonridr258d ago

ethernet adapter? What sort of time do you live in nowadays. Do you realize how fast wireless internet speeds are nowadays. Sure, when downloading large files a direct connection will always be faster, but it's not like online play is sending like gigabytes of data back and forth during online matches.

SurgicalMenace258d ago

You guys spend so much time trying to validate where you stand that you are unable to grasp the simple point they are trying to make. Who cares what's necessity to you, if he is making a point about HIS experience? You guys are so selfish and self absorbed, how is it that everything gets turned back into me me me?

The guy makes a valid point, to get the Switch to the basic standards of the other consoles on the market it will cost you more to do it. The thing can't even match the Vita feature for feature without costing far more to do it. I bought mine and have no intent on purchasing anything more due to having those options else where, but I can understand the plight of others because I know he is not saying I'm wrong. Wow. Most of you call yourselves adults when you can't even understand that everyone's situation will vary.

Also, none of this is necessity, only to those who have nothing else going with their time, but I guess he is wrong because he voiced his experience. I can see why gaming gets a bad name, because grown men and women can't relate in a function built around relating. Like children.

blawren4258d ago

The original poster in this thread wasn't talking about himself, but trying to generalize for everyone...and in a condescending tone. And so, opposing arguments ensured. Why are you defending a post like that? An opinion can be stated without trying to make everyone else feel stupid.

3-4-5258d ago

* The pro controller is the best and most comfortable controller on the market though so it's worth the $70.

Much better than the PS4 controller, and noticeably more comfortable for longer play sessions than the XB1 controller, which is my other favorite.

Stop trying to find things to be worried or mad about.

If you want superior graphics walk outside and use your eyes.

I want fun games and I'm having more fun with Switch games than I am with PS4 games and most XB1 games.

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CrowbaitBob257d ago

What's the point of buying a Switch if I spend most of my time pointlessly bashing it? Serious question.