Skyrim on Xbox One X gets the job done - but we expected more

EuroGamer: "We've already looked at the Fallout 4 patch for Xbox One X, and the impression there is that although massively improved over the turn-out on base console, perhaps the visual sliders were pushed up a little too high, resulting in some issues with performance. Now the verdict is in on Bethesda's companion Skyrim release - and the end result is essentially the opposite: the consistent frame-rate is admirable, and the developer is willing to be flexible on resolution to get there."

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butchertroll324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Wait....what? Pro version is native 4k, while X1X is dynamic one? Lol

Kribwalker324d ago

“The same scene is confirmed as playing out at full resolution throughout on the Pro, but overall, we'd say that the Xbox One X game is the more preferable experience. The dynamic resolution scaler works exactly as it should in maintaining consistent performance - and that's something that the Pro version can't deliver. In fact, back in the day, we noted that the Pro version actually ran less smoothly than the base PS4 edition, something that unfortunately hasn't changed in the last 12 months”

So maybe it should have on the ps4pro.

Side by side with Pro, there's a significant improvement in the problem areas and on the occasions when the dynamic scaler does kick in, the resultant softness is hard to spot in a presentation that's already going through the temporal anti-aliasing filter. Given a choice between a straitjacket resolution and noticeable judder, compared to a more elastic pixel count and more consistent action, we'd take the latter.

butchertroll324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

That doesn't matter at all. It's funny that "true 4k" console and obviously more powerful one can't push last-gen game at native 4k. LOL.

So, it is really a stress for 1.8 TFLOPS, more powerful GPU with extra 4 GB RAM and 100 GBps bandwidth more speed to cut resolution just to have more stable framerate ( about few frames compared to Pro ).

Quote :

So maybe it should have on the ps4pro.

That's disgrace . Lame excuse, Krib. Why XboneX doesn't have similar solution or lower res to maintain more stable fps like in Wolfenstein 2, Battlefront 2, Fallout 4 etc....compared to Pro. Oh yes, pixels matters, right.

Kribwalker324d ago

so you are blaming the console for developer decisions? This could be titanfall 2 all over again. Where a poor patch gets fixed and all of a sudden the initial discussion turns around....

324d ago
butchertroll324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Same thing when discussion turns around when XboneX has worse framerate in Wolfenstein 2 compared to Pro, but it pushes more pixels? I prefer more pixels on XboneX. Then pixel matters, right? Now when Pro has native 4k with few frame drops....Oh i prefer more stable performance on XboneX.

You, Xbone fans, are hilarious. Flip-flop

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Sm00thNinja323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

I imagine this headway could ha e been intended for all the graphic mods possible on Xbox and not PS4....OOOOOR BETHESDA just copy and pasted the Pro upgrades to the X. Like you said with so much more horsepower this is a disgrace regardless of how you look at it Bethesda just filled a check in the box

andydalum323d ago

It's funny butcher wants to talk about a better version because of "Native 4k" if the X wanted to run it at an unstable 4k it could. You can claim the Pro has better games selection and it does but that's about it. Especially in a game that guess what pro version gets lame mods, poor performance. As a xbox gamer it's sad to see sony fanboy can't even tell when some games are just better on the X. Stick to what the pro has which is exclusives and talented first party devs kid.

maybelovehate324d ago

Would be nice to see how it does with the top mods as well. The modding community is what made Skyrim great, at least from a graphics perspective.

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Hedstrom323d ago

Well MS has touted the Xbox One X as the second coming of christ, so of course people will expect more. Maybe if MS would be more humble in its aproach people wouldnt be as judgemental.

2cents323d ago

The world's most powerful console = The second coming of Christ?

You are trying too hard.

gamersday08322d ago

When you claim your products is the best ever created, you have a lot of to live up to. That's how human expectations works.

Even Apple and Google don't claim that and these companies have conscience. m$ on the other hand will sell their moms to get your dollar.

2cents323d ago

Blah blah blah blah... and then end the article with... "Xbox One X does deliver the best console version of Skyrim available."

gamersday08322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

"....but we expected more." - Don't take the contexts out. The reviewer has disappointments.

No one expects x ver to be worse or even the same as pro really, but pro ver stands tall against the best console ever way to go pro. Totally unexpected.

With 6tfs and claimed to be the most powerful console, it certainly does not live up to its claim. That's the message of this review.

2cents322d ago

Disappointments towards the developer for not utilising the power. But you can tell yourself that the X is at fault if it makes you feel better.

You know, Origins also looks almost identical on both platforms save for res, Titan fall too. There are some more that stack up pretty awesome against the X, I also prefer that Fallout 4 has a more stable frame rate on the Pro.

This isn't a war or competition for me. There are just facts. Fact is the X is a more capable machine for a higher price, providing the developers utilise the power in meaningful and intelligent ways. If not then we get results like this.

SinisterKieran323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

getting native 4k from such an old game shouldn't be this hard.
its gonna be the best experience on console but...there cant be much to improve.

gamersday08322d ago

There can always be improved with better hardware. Of course the obsolete jaguar can only do so much as it is meant for low powered utltrabooks, you know the $99 budget notebook.

FO is a pc game and it's meant to be played on PC. If you want to play on console be prepared to accept the downgrades.