Is Skyrim VR Worth The Price Of A Full Release Title?

Josh from Controller Crusade writes: "Six years after its initial release, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has reached meme-worthy status for how many consoles and gaming platforms it has been ported or remastered on. The latest rendition of The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim VR on the PSVR, was met with plenty of hype upon its announcement, with some thinking that this would be the title that would make gamers flock to Playstation’s virtual reality. While Skyrim VR very well could entice fans of The Elder Scrolls series to take the plunge and purchase a PSVR setup, it’s not likely to do that with its current price point."

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Hardiman331d ago

I think it's awesome what they've done with it!!!

cla2331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

This review is bullshit, he's complaining about the fact that it's a long game, that nobody wants to be immersed for hours and he's also complaining about having to play standing up, waving the controlers around. WHILE THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE PSVR COMMUNITY'S BEEN WAITING FOR.

Jeez, it's like there's this hidden agenda amongst reviewer to just shit on VR games...

Kyizen331d ago

1) You can play with a nornal controller
2) It is the full game

100% agree with you this and RE:7 are PSVR system sellers and people always fins excuses to knock it. I hope gamers support it and we will get more devs putting effort for VR

UnHoly_One330d ago

There is no hidden agenda.

Sometimes what you think you want turns out to be garbage in reality.

This is one of those times.

VR is just terrible. It will die out soon, and we can get back to playing real games.

xPhearR3dx330d ago

Nope. Aside from the Gear VR I got with my Galaxy S7, I've never played real VR. Got the Skyrim bundle and its exactly what I thought, and exactly what I wanted. VR isn't going anywhere, this is stepping stone to even bigger, better looking games on VR. First milestone was RE7, now Skyrim, it's only getting better. You can play your "real" games and not buy it. But I'm going to play those "real" games in VR mode.

BABY-JEDI331d ago

Skyrim VR, a massive game that you can tap into. Do a dungeon or do a quest. But Dualshock for me all the way 😃

xPhearR3dx330d ago

I agree. The move controllers are cool if your just wanting to mess around and have some fun. But if you really want that hardcore experience, the Dualshock is the way to go. And before someone says "Why would you play with a Dualshock, when Skyrim Special Edition is the same but better graphics and mods?". Here's your answer. Get a VR headset and you'll understand. People who actually have a PSVR and Skyrim VR understand. It's not the easiest thing to sell on somewhere when you literally have to try it yourself to understand. $349 is a steal for this bundle.

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The story is too old to be commented.