Final Fantasy VIII: Epic Romance or Utter Fail?

Final Fantasy VIII is, quite possibly, one of the most debated of the Final Fantasy series. It’s almost the marmite of the series, in a sense. Yet, when you consider how beloved the Final Fantasy series is, isn’t it a bit strange that one of them would have fans so undecided?

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Nerdmaster333d ago

It's ironic that the only FF with its logo depicting a couple's love has the worst couple in the series. It's like the writer forgot that it should be important and just shoehorned it so that the artwork could still be used.

ameliabaz333d ago

DId you actually use Rinoa in your party though? I often hear people complain that the romance was shoe-horned in, but it wasn't until I replayed the game that I realized there is a huuuuge difference between the romance when Rinoa is in the party than when she is rarely used. When she is always in the party, the romance doesn't feel shoe-horned at all.

Pozzle333d ago

Amen to that. Plus there are a lot of scenes where Rinoa's dialogue can change depending on your actions beforehand. The most obvious one is the concert scene. If you pick the wrong instruments, Rinoa complains about the bad music, gets huffy with Squall, and storms off. If you pick the right instruments, Rinoa and Squall have a more meaningful conversation that ends more positively (and Rinoa later references this moment during the 'Eyes on Me' scene in the Ragnarok). If you only ever get the scenes where Rinoa reacts negatively to Squall, I can see why some people would think the sudden romance between them is shoehorned in.

16bitdad333d ago

Completely agree. I always used Rinoa and never felt like the romance was shoe horned in. As Pozzle says, the concert scene was so good and could completely change the dynamic of their romance.

Summons75333d ago

It's easily one of the better games in the series. Second best of the 3 PS1 games after FF9.

16bitdad333d ago

It is definitely a classic in my opinion. I actually prefer it over 7, personally... Although I know most people won't agree with that. FF9 was definitely a bigger and more epic game though.

Nacho_Z333d ago

I loved FF8 to bits and if it had been the first one I'd played, which was actually FF7, I've got no doubt it'd be my favourite of the series. Everything about it struck a note with me as I was about the same age as Squall at the time. The stories, the characters and the romance, it was all amazing.

16bitdad333d ago

I completely agree with all of this. My first FF was actually FF4 and that's probably why I love it so much. But 8 and Tactics for the PSX are my favourites.

CrimsonWing69333d ago

It’s one of my favorites and I don’t understand the hate on it. It was reviewed critically well when it came out.

333d ago