The rarest and most expensive PlayStation 4 games for collectors

Whether you're a collector or just wondering what the rarest PS4 games are, look no further - this is the most extensive list of limited run physical retail games you'll find online.

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isarai1964d ago

You missed gravity rush remastered, seriously cant find that game anywhere and gamestop already has it listed $10 of the original sales price used

1964d ago
ocelot071964d ago

Toro is not on the list? The game is like £2 on the PSN store. But was physically released in Spain (limited copies). I didn't even know this game existed until I seen it in a local cash generator for £5. I picked it up and took me ages to find anything about the title. Not a single copy was on ebay. Managed to sell it for £70.

KickSpinFilter1964d ago

Sure it's digital and you'd have to sell your PS4 with it and maybe even you PSN account but how about PT?

datriax1964d ago

Lucky me, as that list is a bunch of 3rd rate, forgettable trash that belongs 2 or 3 generations back.

Weeblordbad1964d ago

Rez infinite? Alienation? ParappaTheRapper Remaster? Risk of Rain, Stealth Inc, Furi, The Swapper? All 3rd rate garbage I guess.

To each their own, but you ever think of maybe toning down your wannabe edge lord self? It's boring, and it makes me wonder why you're even here it's just needless negativity for the sake of being negative.

Zjet1964d ago

We literally have stores with stacks of Arigami signature in NZ....

Literallt in bargain bins for $10 NZD

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