Undertale: Toriel, Little Nightmares: Six Nendoroids release date, new photos, pre-orders

The Nendoroids for Undertale: Toriel and Little Nightmares: Six Nendoroids get news about their release date, pre-orders, and more.

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MadLad164d ago

Not really into game figures, but kind of want the Little Nightmares' one.


Little Nightmares Mobile Opens for Pre-Registration Ahead of Release

The mobile version of Playdigious' Little Nightmares is officially open for pre-registration ahead of its December 2023 release.

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Little Nightmares Is The Creepiest Game Boy Color Game You've Never Played

One Seriously Talented Pixel Artist Has Recreated Little Nightmares' Most Memorable Scenes In All Gory 8-Bit Glory To Scare The Pixels Out Of You

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sadraiden150d ago

I guess I should have known before clicking that this was lowkey clickbait.

It's just PixelArt, not a link to a .gbc file.

dead_pixels149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Clickbait? The article description couldn't be more clear.