Activision Files Another Patent that Seeks to Push Microtransactions Further

Because there is no such thing as enough money.

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chrisx2428d ago

Sick to my stomach. I'll never support this.

remixx1162427d ago

Hey you might be sick but people like @moldy love this kinda stuff, he'll defend it for days...

andrewsquall2427d ago

He only defends it because its the way Microsoft are clearly going forward with the last 3 years now.

CyrusLemont2427d ago

It’s f****** manipulative. They basically want you to “forget” about microtransactions while you play the game. Everything you’re buying costs real money but you’re not being “interrupted”.

It’s getting out of hand because there haven’t been fair trade investigations and legal regulations applied to this entire concept.

This is a good display of true nature behind some of these businesses. They’ve literally been following regulations not out of ethical and moral value, but because they were forced to by regulation. Now that there’s an unregulated economic concept, they’re going wild with it.

It needs to stop.

deno2427d ago

You know gaming is close to collapsing when these types of actions are practiced. Guys collect as many physical copies of games as possible and avoid supporting companies that do this.

joab7772427d ago

They ruined Destiny and now CoD, though ide argue that that happened awhile ago. I love the Destiny IP, but I think I’ll soend my money elsewhere from now on.

UCForce2428d ago

Oh my god ! This is so disgusting annoying.

XiNatsuDragnel2428d ago

Oh hell naw I'm going to be sick ppl said this couldn't worse oh well yeah it has

Jinger2428d ago

Well there is just no way they would be able to get away with the game just automatically withdrawing funds without some sort of permission beforehand.