Microsoft-Activision Deal Unconditionally Approved in China

The Microsoft-Activision deal has now received unconditional approval from the Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation.

Kekewei395d ago

This is no joke, I won’t be surprised if pro China content is found in cod in near future

Darkegg394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I know this shouldn’t be about war but China is kinda not our friend at the moment. Should microsoft really be putting their eggs in here? Why can’t they look into India and all pro USA nation? China will just allow ppl to rip technology secrets off like how they always have done to catch up to America. Now they want to be big brother.

Last time I checked they didn’t back up google on Australia. And bent backwards to agree to anything on Australia ridiculous tech law. Bc microsoft had 1% penetration they did anything desperate.

jwillj2k4394d ago


The money is in China; so much so that Hollywood changes cast and content in movies to cater to the the CCP. It will be the same for games. Different characters, story, etc.

The company I work for (in the financial sector) has a global platform and is also making another version of it to cater to Chinese demands.

Leeroyw395d ago

I disliked this cause you shouldn't just put up links without an explanation. Not great practice.

sparky77395d ago

As this rate the UK is going to have to stand down if they are the only ones blocking it.

DarkHeroZX395d ago

They dont have to follow suit. MS will just have to make different arrangements in UK. When does the FTC make their decision?

Asplundh395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

"When does the FTC make their decision?"
The courts will make the decision in August, FTC are against it.

rlow1395d ago

Well that means 70 dollar (whatever that converts to) games for UK players. Not an ideal situation. But hey, the CMA is all about protecting the consumer, right?

Nitrowolf2395d ago

@rlow1 they'll still be $70 lol it's just game pass is the alt

rlow1395d ago

@ Nitrowolf2
That’s my point. Yes they are 70 dollars but without the alt aka gamepass that’s their only option.

ApocalypseShadow395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Yeah. R low. Waiting for a sale or trading in games is not an option. Who are you kidding?

You guys act so poor like things don't cost money.

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DarkZane395d ago

They don't and if they don't change their minds, the deal is dead. They need approval from everyone for the deal to go through.

Before you say it, no Microsoft won't pull out of Britain and no, the UK government isn't going to force them to change their mind, they can't, the CMA is independant.

CrimsonWing69395d ago

Can you show me explicitly where it states the deal is dead without the CMAs approval? if all countries trade commissions approve it, but one, then MS can absolutely pull out from UK. Will it come down to that? I think with that kind of pressure and everyone else agreeing to the acquisition they’ll change their tune.

I’m not knowledgeable enough on the intricacies of this sort of thing, so any links you can provide would help me understand.

gleepot395d ago

The deal is not dying. And yes, Microsoft absolutely could pull out the UK.

Tedakin395d ago

No they don't. They're not going to let the CMA alone stop the deal for the entire world. They will figure something else out in the UK.

343_Guilty_Spark395d ago

It was a condition between MSFT and ATVI but it’s not required if they change the terms.

The UK government can absolutely overrule the CMA.

OG_TK_Cole395d ago

Not true sir.... Microsoft does have other options. Please stop with the false information. I get it you dont like this deal, or you dont like XBOX. but remember, both Microsoft and Activision Blizzard are American companies. I just watched a whole team of "Acquisition Lawyers" speak on this on CNBC, and Microsoft have a few options that they can use, if the appeal doesnt go through in the UK. So again if you do your research, and stop the nonsense you will see that they have options. Im speaking as a person with no Horse in this race. Im still going to play all these games no matter where they are, because I have every Console and a PC.

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CantThinkOfAUsername395d ago

CMA is like that one dentist that doesn't recommend Synsodyne.

Thundercat77394d ago

CMA said they stand by their decision. They don't need the opinion of other agencies.

Realms394d ago

The UK blocking the deal isn't the end all be all, but it does mean that the EU might also block it. Meaning all of Europe no longer an option. On top of the litigation MS has going with the FTC suing MS for the same reason the UK blocked the deal. Either way this is turning into a nightmare scenario for MS one which is not looking good. If Europe and the US say NO Asia will fall in line. With the exception of China hence the article.

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masterfox395d ago

still waiting astrounats to approves this.

1Victor395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

I wonder who’s USA gubernamental logins/windows back door Microsoft gave to China for it to be unconditional. 🤔


And I wonder who’s tin foil hat you’re wearing…

1Victor395d ago

@speak: “ And I wonder who’s tin foil hat you’re wearing…”
You know the one you lend me that got passed down from orchard, 343 and the list is too big for me to continue but don’t worry I checked it for bugs unlike some other developers. 🤷🏿

If you can’t tell it was a sarcastic joke I don’t know what to tell you 🤦🏿

ED-E395d ago

Nah, they just know that in 15-20 years they own the majority of the stock from Microsoft. ;)

Hofstaderman395d ago

Funny but actually very true.