Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7 Graphics Comparison

Now that all biggest racing games of this year have been released it is time for final confrontation between two rival series. Which one do you like better?

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Wotbot388d ago

Forza on the Xbox one holds up so well.

mujosutasa388d ago

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bolimekurac388d ago

thats pro versus x one s and they both look great, cant wait for forza 7 on x1x

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Yohshida388d ago

GTS doesnt have many shadows and things going on outside the course. Also would be nice to actually compare the X with the PRO

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yeahokwhatever388d ago

F7 looks great on PC, but nowhere near GTS. GTS' lighting and car models are just so far in the future that comparing them is stupid.

jasonpugh387d ago

Lol, go to the optometrist asap.

Axecution388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

They both look amazing - especially in GTS's replay mode. Honestly almost photorealistic that thing. but im gonna be a negative whiney jerk for a sec.

both games have god damn 2D trees that rotate to constantly point at the camera and its actually so distracting and not good at all. Motorstorm 1 did it with its grass but these are full trees man. In GT7 theres some 2D trees that dont even rotate and if you turn your head at them they're just flat paper mario shenanigans. Im surprised Forza does it too.
Both games have absolutely fantastic looking cars and gameplay but the environments are kinda disappointing.

The flat grass texture is also kinda lame. It's not like these are huge open worlds, surely they could have put blades of grass in.

tl;dr I feel like these games could look so much but they look fantastic if you dont pay too much attention to the environments up close

sinspirit388d ago

I loved Motorstorm 1. Wish the series could make a comeback and just do multiple climates with intense vehicle customization.

Zeref388d ago

Replay mode has added post processing. That's why it looks better than ingame.

VariantAEC388d ago

Did you forget to look at the 3D trees along the very same trackside in the very same video? Yeah GT Sport also features 3D trees!
Here's a short list of simulation racing games that use 2D trees.
•FM7 (in the sim cat somehow)
Just to name a few!
They also feature cardboard crowds... funny how there are no videos of that in GTS yet... Hmm?

Hyperstrada388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Enjoy your trees. I'll take more tracks and better FFB on PCars2.
FM7 and GTS looked about the same to me . I guess I would go with GTS on looks , but I don't buy just on looks.

G20WLY388d ago

Oh yeah?? Well you guys don't have clown costumes like we do! 😠


StrangerX387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

LOL! Sorry to burst your bubble but GT sports has 2D trees and you can see them following you from same face when taking a curve, just look at them with the camera control and you can see them always following you with the same face and not turning 3Dmentionally. Or just when doing replay just have free camera view and see the trees follow you eerily! Nobody is safe from the facing trees! @[email protected]#_#