Forza Motorsport vs Motorsport 7 Comparison: Vast Improvements to Textures, Lighting, Vegetation

A Forza Motorsport 2023 vs Forza Motorsport 7 comparison has surfaced, showing great improvements to the game's visuals.

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ABizzel1359d ago

As I said in another post, I'm sure Forza will look, play, and be consistently amazing across all platforms like it generally is. But MS knows better than showing off the PC version of content at their Xbox events. They've been bashed for doing this before, and if I'm not mistaken Forza Motorsport was one of the main ones getting bashed for it back at the XBO launch.

SullysCigar359d ago

We get it, MS: As PCs get better, so do the textures and grass density.

z2g358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Funny everyone gushed about gran turismo 7 being gorgeous and it’s running on less power than Xbox…

Forza Horizon 5 looks absolutely fantastic on Series X. Looks better than gt7 by a fair amount. If that’s indication about Forza Motorsport then it’s gonna be even better cuz it’s not open world like Horizon. No matter what it’s going to look significantly better on much more powerful hardware. Series x is twice the power of the one X. Your comment feels like solid troll.

SullysCigar358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

^ GT7 is running on a PS5, right? MS show their games on top end PCs that their consoles can't match. Have done for years.

ABizzel1356d ago


Well, Digital Foundry confirmed that it was running on PC, as I said, so.....

porkChop358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Who said it was running on PC?

ABizzel1358d ago

Apparently, it's being said it was running on PC with Series X targeted performance after one of the devs said the trailer was running on Series X, but didn't confirm if the gameplay demo was. But it's looking more like they meant both were running on devkits, and people are running with it because the devkits have more VRAM, even though everything the CPU and GPU are the same as the Series X.

RaidenBlack358d ago

TopGear article states it was running on Series X

ABizzel1356d ago

To follow up, Digital Foundry also stated it was the PC version as well.

So....Yeah shame on MS.

porkChop355d ago

Interesting. That's a shame. Hopefully the Series X version looks roughly the same. I'd prefer they be a bit more transparent. If it's PC, SX, cutscene, etc., just say that.

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Obscure_Observer358d ago

"They've been bashed for doing this before, and if I'm not mistaken Forza Motorsport was one of the main ones getting bashed for it back at the XBO launch."

They also did it for Forza Motorsport 7 and we all know how things turn out.

Better luck next time.

ABizzel1358d ago

That's what I meant, I hope it's not true it seems like they meant it was running on devkits still and not PC which is better, considering the devkits are literally the same CPU and GPU as the Series X although allegedly with higher clocks, and confirmed 40GB of VRAM.

And considering it's still more than half a year away that's fine. But we'll see I guess Spring 2023.

ABizzel1355d ago

I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt but it's been confirmed to be running on PC, so yep this is the second time they're done this.

Now all the disagree's and hidden outrage are saying does it matter 😂😂😂

Obscure_Observer355d ago

"Now all the disagree's and hidden outrage are saying does it matter"

Like I said before, they first presented Forza Motorsport running on PC. People were skeptical on how well the Xbox One X would run that game, let alone the One and One S. Turn out that FM7 run amazing across all Xbox platforms.

That´s their latest track record, so I´m not sure what exactly you´re trying to achieve or what point your trying to make.

darkrider359d ago

Much better lighting, but I think the big jump was to f7. The locked 60 frames and they reached 4k. I think maybe when they are able to do 120 frames. That could be the next big jump. Beside the fact that racing games are meant to play inside cockpit not 3rd person. Anyone that races knows this

darthv72358d ago

Someone who never grew up playing pole position or outrun I see...
Its perfectly fine to race in whatever view a person chooses. It's not real life, no matter how detailed the car models, interior or track design may be. Just have fun with it and remember... go fast.

darkrider358d ago

No. Simulators go for inside cockpit. That like all that compete play it. Arcade is 3rd view. Thats why when people talk about the track and trees and people we can know they aren't racers. But casuals that play sometimes.

Orchard358d ago

The new Forza looks miles ahead of any other racing game on console today, including FH5 and GT7.

Simply looks spectacular.

Obscure_Observer358d ago

Simply looks spectacular.

Indeed. The more I look at this game, the more hyped I become.

Man... I believe Fable will be simple out of this world.

RaidenBlack358d ago

ForzaTech for Fable was a really interesting decision. And its commendable that they chose the sprawling ForzaTech over the common UE for their Fable.(the easy route)
But the conversion will take time. The engine's proprietary and was modified only for Horizon series.
Implementing it for an RPG like Fable will take substantial amount of time. Scripting, dialogue tree, inventory system etc.
And this was leaked recently too, that PGgames was having trouble with the development. (the job's not easy)
The situation is quite similar to Bioware's DA Inquisition development. Their first implementation of Frostbite.
They had loads of trouble. They had to write a lot of code/scripts from scratch.
But PGgames has the reputation, they'll eventually pull through. Its just that they initial dev phase will take a bit more time. Once done, the Fable sequel wont be that big of a hurdle. Because the framework will be there.

darkrider358d ago

No it doesnt. You were already warned about that kind of talk. Play games and not corporations. Again the big jump was the last one that went for the first time to 4k and 60frames. This seems cool, but the jump in rez and frames isn't. It got Higher setting. This games isn't running at 8k at 120 frames. And if you play Gt7 on ps5 you would understand that the dualsense make a huge difference in driving. From acceleration to braking, to feeeling the track and curves. Now thats miles away of what the game pad of the Xbox is able to do.

Orchard358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Warned about saying Forza Motorsport looks better than Forza Horizon 5 & GT7? What? It's not illegal to compare games across one genre, lol.

"Play games and not corporation"
Is Forza not a game?

No one is expecting this game to run at 8k120hz lol, but the graphics look great, and in-race raytracing is huge. Also, the damage & dirt model looks great, as well as the changes in handling caused by temperature etc.

No one is denying that the DualSense adds to games, but it's not make or break. Plenty of great games are on other platforms or even PS5 games that feature minimal DS support.

The visuals here are breathtaking though, and the tracks & environment are so detailed. If you can't see how good this looks, it might be time to visit the optician.

darkrider358d ago

You told that Gt7 look like a ps3 game. Didn't? Maybe was another embassator of Microsoft.

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Brazz358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Looking great, also they said physics are getting major upgrade. I wonder if they will finally become a true simulator like GT and stop being a simcade.