Top 10 Best Racing Simulators to Fuel Your Need for Speed

Racing simulator games are more realistic than ever. Here's a list of the best racing simulator games if you need a Holiday rush.

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Gran Turismo 7 update 1.48 features 5 new cars, Café Menu, and World Circuit Events

Latest update brings back a combination of JDM legends and classic Swedish designs.

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Gran Turismo 7's Next Update Set to Arrive May 30, Adds Five New Cars

The next game update for Gran Turismo 7 looks set to land on our consoles this coming Thursday, May 30, with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi posting his traditional pre-update teaser on Twitter.

It's a date we've been expecting for a little while, with content updates coming far more commonly on

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Gabrielmpf26d ago

Cars, and more cars... Yet, they rarely add new locations where we can drive all those cars... smh.

MajorLazer26d ago

We may get a new track this update. The teaser never hints at anything more than the cars, gotta wait for the trailer to know more.

IRetrouk26d ago

There's over 110 layouts in the game, you raced em all? I know I haven't and I have 900 hours playtime

Gardenia26d ago

With the daily races they only use 4 tracks it feels like.

IRetrouk25d ago

That's true, cant lie lol, but I assume you have buddy's to play online with, if not, I got a group you can join, we race every weekend, tracks are random, we even throw weather in sometimes lol

CobraKai26d ago

Wow. That’s one entitled ass comment.

Gabrielmpf25d ago

I paid €70 for way less content than the previous Gran Turismo. Yeah, I'm entitled. Bunch of PS cult boys.

CobraKai25d ago

Wah wah wah. I can’t get more free stuff than what they’re giving me. Wah wah wah

Father__Merrin26d ago

Truly a purchase once and last all gen type of game

purple10126d ago

yes it is!, however I do hope they have a GT8 ready soon, because 7 its a cross gen, so there's more to be extracted for sure,


GT7 update 1.46 features an all-electric concept racing car created exclusively for the game

Today’s 1.46 update includes ŠKODA Vision Gran Turismo, two other cars, new Café Menu, and World Circuit Events.

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Babadook726d ago

Ok, sure. I’ll take more. There’s a lot of tracks already

Sgt_Slaughter26d ago

When you boil down the layouts/configurations, it's 38 tracks. Of those, only 19 are real-life tracks. That's a pretty low amount when there's hundreds of thousands of circuits that are available to add.

Babadook726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

That’s not low though. I don’t have a big preference for real world either, as GT7 has some very good original tracks too.