Gran Turismo 7 vs Forza Motorsport 7 Comparison Video Highlights How Well Turn 10 Game Holds Up

A new video comparing Gran Turismo 7 with Forza Motorsport 7 has been shared online, showing how well Turn 10's game holds up.

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Jin_Sakai450d ago

Forza Motorsport 8 is going to look amazing. Especially considering it’s a next gen only game.

darthv72450d ago

7 is such a highly polished game on the One X that to imagine what a Series only version of 8 would be is mind blowing.

fr0sty449d ago

Visually, GT7 is a strange one... Some tracks look jaw-dropping, others look like they came out of GT Sport, low res track textures (that seem to lack any bump mapping, etc. to help add depth) and all. It's like they filled in incomplete areas with GTSport assets.

However, when it comes to weather simulation, physics, control (the dualsense really adds a lot to this one), etc... GT7 is unmatched.

FinalFantasyFanatic449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

There were alot of times there where a thought Forza looked better, but there were a few times there where I vastly prefer GT's look, other time there it was a tossup. Like the crowds, at a distance, GT's look better, close up, I think I prefer Forza's aesthetics, overall, I think I prefer Forza's visuals (although GT's Ray Tracing elements look amazing compared to Forza).


I couldn't agree more, GT7 really does look strange, sometimes it looks fantastic, and other times Forza just looks vastly better.

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z2g450d ago

Agreed. Gt7 has been pretty awesome too so it will be interesting to compare.

Obscure_Observer450d ago

"Especially considering it’s a next gen only game."

Yeah. Hilarious how Xbox that would be held back by the Xbox One, will be the first platform to release a true next gen racing game in contrast with Sony´s GT7 that was promised to be a true next gen PS5 game.

If FM7 is this close to GT7 (superior in some visual and gameplay departments), I can´t even imagine how Sony´s flagship racing game will fair against the next Forza Motorsport.

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Chris12450d ago

@henryff - Interesting you quote previous Forza scores but handily forget to post the GT scores.

GT Sport - 75
GT6 - 81

Now you look a fool.

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Chris12450d ago

@HenryFF - a 2 point better score over a 5 year old game that looks almost as good visually.

I guess if you're desperate for a win and you can get over the stupidity of your argument then go for it. Lets hope GT7's actual competitor, FM8, doesn't score better otherwise you'll have to change your user name again to hide the shame.

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Christopher450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

I mean, they're comparing PC to PS5 here. And FM8 will be on PC as well. What gen are we really talking about here since no generation is being discussed here?

Obscure_Observer450d ago

"What gen are we really talking about here since no generation is being discussed here?"

We´re talking about a ninth generation game vs a eighth generation game. I though that it was clear.

IRetrouk449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

Do pc games have generations🤔
Gt 7 is a cross gen game, its not gen 8 or 9, it's in between.
We are talking about a maxed pc game vs a cross gen game.

frostypants449d ago (Edited 449d ago )

They still have to target the Series S though. "Next gen only" with a caveat. If we're going to acknowledge that having to target lesser hardware holds some stuff back, that scenario is absolutely at play here. Obviously not as much as it could, but to an extent.

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metalgod88450d ago

If only I could buy Forza 7 on my xbox series S.....

dumahim450d ago

Guessing the downvotes are from people not understanding that you can't purchase the game from the stores anymore since it was delisted.

lodossrage450d ago

can't they just buy a used physical copy from gamestop, or best buy?

CML2450d ago

Series S is digital only.

FyBy449d ago

Wow thats a bummer. 8 is not even out. I read its only after 4 years because licences for cars and tracks expired. Really? Thats really strange. Its huge game to have a lifespan only 4 years and without succesor.

darthv72450d ago

before it was removed, I was playing it on gamepass and it was excellent on the SS. It ran as if it was one x enhanced with 60fps and everything. Thankfully I also have it on disc so I can pop it into my SX to keep playing it.

metalgod88450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Just FYI, the Xbox Series S is digital only. I don't have a disc drive, and the game was delisted as Dumahim said.

It looks awesome, but sadly, I may never get a chance to play it.

MadLad450d ago

Just grab it when the series X is more available.
With the console shortage, the series s won't be dropping in value anytime soon.
Used ones basically sell for new. So you can upgrade for just a couple hundred bucks if you're diligent and look around.

darthv72450d ago

Id say if you really want to play it, get a cheap One X, it looks and plays great on that as you can get the disc version also for cheap. I still use a one X even though I have both Series S and X. My Series S i am going to turn into a portable unit with its own screen attached to take on trips. I love how small that system is and how it compares to the one X in terms of performance (and then some).

Orchard450d ago

Or it shows how dated GT7 really is. The tracks in particular are so lifeless, dated and bare.

Nostalgia is what is delivering the game good reviews.

EvertonFC450d ago

Yet sells 10million plus compared to motorsports 2 million.

Orchard450d ago

I can’t play sales numbers though, can I?

Nor does it make any difference to me since I’m not an investor in either company.

Visuals on the other hand, I experience as a player and are core to my experience.

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King Nezz450d ago

Every time someone uses sales I just use the Toyota vs Ferrari example. Toyota always will sell more. Both are great. But we know which of the two is better.

Imortus_san450d ago

LOL, sure it does, GT 6 and GT Sport fiasco send regards, after beeing 19.99 in less them 6 months and beeing bundled with every possible PS for more them a year.

RauLeCreuset450d ago


You had no problem playing sales numbers and lecturing about how corporations with shareholders function when you needed an excuse to crap on PSVR2 and excuse make for why the attach rate argument you were trying to use against it didn't apply to Game Pass:

"1. How many units? They just say it sold more than the past models combined, but we don't actually have numbers to work out if that's 10 mil or 100 mil.

"2. How many of those purchases are mainstream gamers? It could be companies or people buying for other VR formats."

"PS4 has a huge install base, but only a small percentage bought a PSVR. I don't see this changing massively with PSVR2."

"Spoken like a true business expert. The idea/business plan for a business/product is to grow its base beyond those who already own the device. Shocker."

"I'm not the only one ignoring it/thinking it is a gimmick, the overwhelming majority of PS4 owners are also ignoring it and considering it a gimmick alongside me."

"PSVR did have a high price - what makes you think PSVR2 will not? As for Kinect (off-topic, bur whatever) costing the same as a video game... what video games were you buying? My 360 kinect set me back $150... and games were cheaper back then than they are today... but you make a good point - Microsoft discontinued the Kinect due to it being a failure - and it still sold 4x PSVR and in less time... but some how I'm meant to believe people are chomping at the bit to get a VR device..."

"@ApocalypseShadow Ignoring your immature comments about being a kid since I am not, nor do I resort to trying to insult during a discussion. I don't expect anything to go 'viral' overnight. But I do expect a device to sell more when its platform has 115m+ units out there. Kinect even outsold PSVR in numbers, with less Xbox 360's being in the wild than PS4's. And Kinect was a failure."

"You're once again comparing hardware to a subscription service. If you want to compare subscription services, then yes, game pass is beating the equivalent/competing service by around 10x."

"If you genuinely think selling a few million units when your TAM is 115+ million, then I'm sorry but you're out of touch with what success is for a business."

"This statement just shows you have no understanding of how corporations with shareholders function... you're probably one of these people who think the big corporations are your friend. Shareholders, and by extension, corporations, directly determine success as revenue, market share & growth. Lower than expected revenue = failure and the product is more likely to be discontinued at some point in the future if the trend continues (see Vita, Kinect, Dreamcast... etc)"

Many of those comments are collapsed, but they're all (and more) below this comment for this link:

annoyedgamer450d ago

I dont have either of these games so I dont have a dog in this fight but it must be pointed out that high sales numbers doesn't make a game better. By such a metric, Fortnight is the best game ever made.

fr0sty449d ago

"who cares if the driving physics are garbage as long as it's pretty!"

*in the same breath*

"Sales don't make a good game!"

S2Killinit449d ago

You just summed up Orchard perfectly.

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450d ago
lodossrage450d ago


Ok, that nostalgia argument doesn't have weight. It's not like Forza is a new thing. Forza has a bit of nostalgia going for it too.

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CML2450d ago

Theres nothing really visually exciting about race tracks in real life. Driving on them is the thrill and GT7 nails it.

BehindTheRows450d ago (Edited 450d ago )

Driving will always be where GT beats Forza. Just so happens that GT7 also looks better than every Forza game released. Yes, Motorsport 7 (on PC, mind you) holds up nicely, but GT7 still tops it visually. Its cars are completely unmatched.

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Kraffty23450d ago

They've shown comparison shots between real world tracks and the game and many shots are nearly indistinguishable, circuit tracks aren't meant to look like driving through a muddy overgrown swamp. What's delivering the great reviews is the fact its a great racing sim. The King is back.

Father__Merrin450d ago

have you an example of making a track more full of life in a sim game? explosions in background or airplanes doing overheads etc is more suited to arcade game like horizons 5

Knushwood Butt450d ago

GT7 has plent of aircraft, but that's not good enough for some folks.

Knushwood Butt450d ago

I was racing at Daytona yesterday in a race with a transition from dusk to night and thought the circuit looked amazing. Tons of detail everywhere.

Maybe you could elaborate on how it looks lifeless, dated and bare?

bradleejones450d ago

GT7 is completely bad ass. The cafe is a little out of place but besides that the physics are spot on. Car models are awesome. Amount of cars, tracks are awesome. I wouldn't call it dated lol it just came out a week ago and I don't see anything outdated about it besides it's GT so there is progression.and license tests which is the way it should be. Makes sure you know what you're doing and have the equipment and skill to move forward.

ScootaKuH449d ago

Not really. GT7 is a very good game in its own right. Nostalgia has nothing to do with it

Rimeskeem449d ago

Certainly hope the tracks would be lifeless.

Don't wanna hit a deer on my way to victory.

frostypants449d ago

The tracks look like their real life counterparts. Real life doesn't always look like a carnival. The "made up" tracks could be amped up a bit though.

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