GT Sport vs. Forza 7: Which One Should You Buy?

The battle of the beautiful racers.

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chrisx369d ago ShowReplies(5)
Kribwalker369d ago

i know id pick up forza over GTsport, the sheer amount of content, great controls and the
visuals even without the onex are amazing. Glad to side with twinfinite of this one, Forza 7 is just the superior game

Rimeskeem368d ago

Go with Forza if you don’t like legit driving simulators. Simple as that.

Kribwalker368d ago

Forza is the better looking, more content filled racer with an offline campaign, the ability to do an entire career mode or race against people online. or if you want to play a game without always online and with a lot of content and a campaign you could always get a ps3 and get GT6....

RexKwonDo368d ago

What does sim features does GT have that are absent from FM7?

S2Killinit368d ago

Going with GT:S. Gonna enjoy playing it with my setup.

MrEnglish368d ago

Well you wouldn't go with GT Sport if you did like legit driving simulators neither...

Your comment is rather silly

n1kki6368d ago

Don't buy either if you like legit racing and go get iRacing on PC. As a driving simulator GT is fine but pales in comparison to sim racing on PC with a racing rig. Arguing about driving sims while using a controller is hilarious. That said, I enjoy both. I find the racing in forza to be extremely satisfying and the weather elements add an fun layer. That said, the actual driving in GT is better than forza.

368d ago
sinjonezp368d ago

What's up n4g family , going to be starting a car channel on youtube soon , give some ideas on names.

JackBNimble368d ago

You can use a racing wheel with GT:S too ya know.
Just saying.... carry on.

Bruh367d ago

Always see this on N4G, with very little actual comment aside from some fanboy BS. GTS does have the better handling model and physics. But its a marginal difference...its still not at the level of PC2, AC, iRacing, RaceRoom etc.

XisThatKid367d ago

Um get the one you own the specific console for unless you own both then get both.

trainsgofast367d ago

Name one thing that GT has that legit driving simulators have that FMS7 does not have to call it a sim?

itsmebryan367d ago

So, are you saying GTS with less cars, tracks, and content than Forza 5 that came out 4 years ago and was slammed for like of content, and that developers says they dumb down because of players lack of knowledge is a legit driving Sim?

Have you driven any of the cars in the game to actually know how accurate GTS is to real life? I have. I've raced and modified cars customers. Forza was much closer to the way the cars felt and reacted than GT 5 and 6 with my Fanetec pedal, wheel, and shifter setup.
Waiting for your reply.

Condemnedman367d ago

or go with gt if you don't like content

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tiyoxela368d ago

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steveo123456368d ago

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bluefox755368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Wow, I'm so shocked. Totally wasn't expecting that response. /s

Ickythump31368d ago

i'd also go with forza, since there's barely anything else available on the xbox

Death368d ago

There are barely 1100 games not including hundreds of b/c titles...

XabiDaChosenOne367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

@Death how many of those are not shovelware?

ShinnokDrako368d ago

no need to say it, everyone knows that you won't never pick anything from Sony or its consoles.

Kribwalker368d ago

i have a ps4 and enjoy many of its games that are available (i have more then 30 on it now) but the fact of the matter is this. Forza 7 is the better looking, better playing, more content filled experience. it’s a no brainer

AmUnRa368d ago

And that is a predictable answer coming from you. Knowing that you always downplay GTS and praising Forza7 as hell.
Whe know it you dont like the game, stay out of GTS topics you fooling nobody, everybody knows that you are an xboxfanboy.

Kribwalker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

the topic at hand is this:
which one should you buy
what would you want me to say? Don’t buy the better game?

the best part is comment history is viewable. and i remember you were trolling Forza 7 quite hard
“AmUnRa6d ago
Don try here, this topic is infested with Xboxfanboys, they now that GTS looks better but when they say it constant and voting eachother up like xboxclan members they think F7 is , but in reality iisn't.. Now let the downvoting comment.😉”

gangsta_red368d ago

It's a GT and Forza article asking which one would you get and now you're demanding he stays out?

It's hilarious how upset Sony fanboys get whenever they see someone with a different opinion or preference.

No problem picking GT, skull and bones for anyone who says Forza, then the personal attacks fly.

Xerneas368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

"Whe know it you dont like the game, stay out of GTS topics you fooling nobody, everybody knows that you are an xboxfanboy."

Ha ha ha ha ha... 🤣🤣

Just had a nice look at your comment history. You were trolling Forza articles the past few weeks and now you are here screaming like a little brat not able to have his cake and eat it too. The sweet sweet tears fresh from the horse's eyes. 😎

Kiwi66368d ago

So in an article about both GT:S and Forza 7 you think this article is only about GT and so you get upset with him for talking about Forza and call him an xboxfanboy , do you even understand what the topic of this article is about or what ?

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DaNineTwo368d ago

Only problem with Forza 7, is the fact that a TON of cars are locked behind loot crates and there's something called homoloigation which makes modifying and tuning your car a waste because the game automatically tunes the car. So you can only use your own tunes in free play. That's right, FREE PLAY, so no campaign or even fucking online. What a waste of money that game is. I wish reviews said all of this.

ChipdiddyChip368d ago

Have you even played Forza 7?

bloop368d ago

I don't have an X1 so I can't talk about FM7, but there's power balancing in all online races in GTS, and they've completely stripped back all the tuning and customisation to bare bones compared to previous GT entries.

Condemnedman367d ago

tunes is what your moaning about there's a cd app that allows you to play music stop bitching about ridiculous bull shit wear headphones and play music from your phone or do you need helping with that ?

yeahokwhatever368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I have both. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to boot up F7 again, and I really like it. GTS is incredible when it comes to the thing that matters, driving. And no, F7 is not "better looking" than GTS. You've got to have some heavy bias to believe that. Unless it looks way better on XB1, I play it maxed out on PC @60fps locked..

C-H-E-F368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

GT Sport looks better than Forza 7... however Forza 7 on the xox may change that.... F7 is not superior in gameplay just in content (tracks, car list, car mods)that is all.

DarXyde368d ago

Of course you are.

I'm not for the simple fact that I'm not clicking through 5 pages to read about how they arrived at the conclusion you so generously offered.

So thanks... but yeah, I'm not at all surprised by your thoughts on the matter.

spreadlove368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Metacritic says GTS 77% and Forza 7 87%. So Forza 7 is objectively better than GTS. It is the best choice of the two.

DarXyde367d ago

People like you need to learn the difference between "objective" and "general consensus".

How does the opinion of a selection of reviewers constitute objectivity? Even if EVERY reviewer suggested Forza 7 was better, that' would,
at best, be "unanimous".

Second, Forza 7 has an 87 at the time of this writing from 71 reviewers -- Gran Turismo Sport is at 78 from 10. It's likely to change over the coming week, for better or worse.

But if we're talking about scores, Forza 7 is doing worse among users. I'm sure we'll hear all about the fanboys voting it down. Yeah, well, maybe-- you must also entertain the possibility that the same is happening with Sport. But it still proves my point: these scores couldn't be any further from objective than they are now and always will be.

rainslacker367d ago

A review score is inherently subjective, so how does a collection of subjective scores somehow make something objectively better or worse?

spreadlove367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


I'm comparing two numbers and taking the higher one. Both numbers are derived from similar conditions.

Dragonscale368d ago

@krib, so you prefer forza over gt. What a surprise /s.

Xenophon_York367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Maybe Forza 7 will become the graphically superior game/sim when the X hits, but I guarantee the PS4 Pro and Gran Turismo with sixty fps eat Forza 7 for lunch at this point in time. And, in the long-run, GT is going to be remembered as the overall better racing simulator between the two—regardless of all else.

Stogz367d ago

The giant Xbox fanboy is choosing Forza?! I never could have predicted this!

InTheLab367d ago

Forza is a better game for single players. Sometimes I forget this game is dominated by diehard Sony fans who no matter what will choose a stripped down racer over one with 3 times the content and equal quality.

367d ago
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DrumBeat367d ago

I'd have to go with Forza Motorsport 7, by Turn 10. Polyphony Digital is struggling to make a racer competent enough to hold its own against the competition. GT Sport is OK at best, while some other racers are fantastic. The last GT game was terrible. Sony has excellent first party talent. Sadly, Polyphony are not among them.

Edito367d ago

I just can't see Forza in the same category as GT... No doubt it is a good game but not good enough to be compared to GT.

TheArkatek367d ago

I was planning on owning both until i found out GT is online ONLY

drunkenspy007367d ago

Don't know about the controls or content, since I don't play these games but GT Sport just looks better to me.

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Neonridr369d ago

Depends on the style of game you want I guess. Both look really good.

Darkstryder360368d ago

People down voting you for common sense..

iDadio368d ago

Lets face it this isn't even about what game people prefer, this is purely console fans defending the game on their own system.

RhymeNorReason368d ago

You form it! Even though Sport has a 77 on metacritic and Forza is in the 90s they’ll defend Sport to the end. They’re trying to cover it up for its lack of a good score it seems.

OB1Biker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

'defending the game on their own system'
unless your into fanboy wars, there s no defending or attacking. silly notion. Cant people be eager to play the game coming to the console they own without being derided?

yeahokwhatever368d ago

I have a beefy PC and a PS4 Pro. If you enjoy competitive online racing, get GTS. If you like single player and variety, you're left with F7. They're both really fun games.

AAWELLS09368d ago

Bingo.......You got that right. Disgusting group imo. Its all people here care about anymore.

Why o why367d ago

this is where exclusives matter again .......isnt that strange LOL

ocelot07367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


Did you just honestly compare GT Sport Metacritic rating that is based off 10 reviews compared to Forza 7 (86 by the way) metacritic rating based off 71 reviews?

I know the odd few people on N4G lack the common sense but you just take the biscuit.

CernaML367d ago

"Even though Sport has a 77 on metacritic and Forza is in the 90s they’ll defend Sport to the end."
That is an outright lie. Not a single Forza Motorsport has scored in the 90s this entire generation. Forza 7 scored LOWER than Forza 6!

Edito367d ago

Please just check this video and tell me if Forza is on the same category as GT lol

Edito367d ago

@RhymeNorReason, are stupid or are you pretending? Forza 7 has a score of 86 based on 71 critics and GT Sport has a score of 78 based on 12 critics do the math and tell me what really matters here.

And this pitstop from your beloved Forza 7 is the joke of the year

FyBy367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Not really true. Im PS and PC man, never had xbox. I considered buying FM7 for PC. But focus on online and car enthusiasm won and I bought GT sport instead. Everyone has their reason. And some people are always defending "their" console. But lot of people in the end buy what appeal to them more. I dont have anything against xbox and forza. I also have PC1 and its good game from my perspective. But none of other games (I tried FM7, but I saw only videos from PC2 - I assume from reviews, that PC2 has similar feeling like PC1) dont have that GT essence which I simply need.

I see, what are gt sport negatives for many:
-lack of cars, tracks and weather system
-always online for profile progress
-subtle offline career or single player content if you prefer

And these are reasons gt sport will not have so much fans in the beginning. It can grow like driveclub. It can be next big online thing. I considered its good to support it and enjoy it.

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OB1Biker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I guess it mainly depends on which platform you own. If multiplat I dont doubt you need Forza n and GT or there would be no point having different consoles. Is there?

Neonridr368d ago

yep, which console you have definitely factors in. But I have a gaming PC and a PS4 Pro. So I could pick either really. I know I represent a smaller base of gamers, but I definitely have options.

rainslacker367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I'm not getting either. I'm still enjoying some time with FH3 at work where they have a good wheel set up. I wouldn't buy it to play at home because I don't care to invest in a wheel set up for Xbox. They may get FM7, in which case I'll play it there when I can. Although since it's work, it doesn't lend itself to copious time playing either game.

GT:S doesn't offer up what I'm looking for in a racing game, so it's not even really a consideration, despite my love of the series itself. I have no reason to get a wheel set up on PS4 like I planned this gen just for GT:S. As of right now, Driveclub with my crappy wheel when I feel like setting it up, or just using the controller tends to satisfy the occasional urge. I might pick up project cars for PS4 since I do have my crappy wheel there, but outside drive club, my driving itch has been woefully unfulfilled this gen. Really unhappy about that, but life goes on.

I'd say if I was overly compelled to get a racing game, and a wheel set up to play it on, it'd probably be Forza at this moment.

VforVideogames367d ago

I represent a smaller base of gamers too but comes nov 7 you'll know what ill be playing!!!!!!

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MaDzGaming369d ago

So total lack of single player mode is OK now. 24/7 Online thing is OK now. GT Sport plays great but it's yet another game after Destiny and such like that will feed us with DLC - It feels more like demo to me.

AspiringProGenji369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

There's an actual single player mode. It is just not the same as before, and that is still and SP mode regardless of what you or anyone think. It is one thing to be disappointed with not having the same SP mode as before, and another thing is not having anything at all.

24/7 online is also not entirely true. Obviously you need online to play... hear this... online mode. And the DLC is supposedly free. I hope they are not lying with that so we have to wait and see. The Destiny comparison is unwarranted

Kribwalker369d ago

you need online to progress your player, take photos, but cars and more, not just for the online mode

Death368d ago

Destiny also has a single player component. It's a pretty valid comparison.

mark_parch368d ago

gt sport has great core mechanics but how can anybody defend the massive lack of content, no single player campaign and the massive restrictions when offline. what these diehard gt/sony fanboys don't realize is that if you don't call them out on these things the next game will be another let down. look at a game like halo 5 for example, people called them out on no split screen, poor story and lack of multiplayer modes at launch and split screen has already been confirmed for the next game, fingers crossed the other two get sorted as well

AspiringProGenji368d ago

But there is a single player campaign...