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While the actual race mechanics of this latest entry in Turn 10’s flagship series are stellar, the introduction of loot boxes and the decreased amount of credits offered really makes collecting cars a drag. This is not the Forza we’ve always dreamed of, even if it is in 4K.

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DarkOcelet364d ago

Really happy that more reviewers are taking a stance against loot boxes and microtransactions and giving games a low score because it affects the core gameplay elements of the games.

Let's hope Publishers listen and pay attention and stop putting shitty microtransactions and loot boxes in games. So sick of this bullshit practices.

freshslicepizza364d ago

The same site gave GT5 a perfect 10, they also gave GT6 a 9/10 and that came with microtransactions. Both games have a lot of grinding to them.

This whole review is mainly about the loot crates which other reviews have said they don't have much of an impact. If theyh don't like them knock a point or 2 off but a 6/10? That's just seeking attention.

But again those who are so vocal against mirotransactions will be happy to see this review, even if these loot crates are free.

AspiringProGenji364d ago

Bringing the past to defend a BS practice in the present... xbox fanboy deflection^

Besides none of those games had Loot boxes, which are a problem in a racing game. The MTs weren’t as bad as this game either

fr0sty364d ago

I was wondering when we'd get some salty mold around here...

rainslacker364d ago

Both GT5 and 6 were probably in the 8-10 range, so I don't see a problem there. I know some don't like to admit it, but each one improved over the last, and added new features, so I don't see a problem with keeping the score high.

As far as the DLC/MT, they weren't in any way pay to win, and there was absolutely no reason to get them unless you just wanted a specific car, because there were equal or better cars within each game itself. The Red Bull concept was a DLC car, and my personal favorite, but it was a free download.

No random chances, no buying of currency to speed up progression. No extra work to do normal progression in the game to promote purchasing extra content, just some extra content which was made available, and not withheld from the initial release.

So, I don't really see the correlation between what GT5/6, and the new FM7 release, which lets you spend money to get something you may not even want. At least when you spent money in GT5/6, you knew what you were getting.

JackBNimble364d ago

It does sound like they knocked a point or 2. Who said Forza 7 was ever going to get scored higher, why would it, because it's in 4k?

bouzebbal364d ago

lol i wish one day you will post something that actually makes sense..
does 6/10 bother you? or because previous GTs were scored higher? i cant really understand your point.
what makes F7 stand out from F6??? Nothing and the pleasure is less due to microtransactions..
6 is more than fair!!
if GT Sports has the same, it should be scored just as low.

Realms364d ago


Do you ever stop and think before you write a comment, to you everything is about Sony vs MS? So according to you all is well because this site gave GT a better score thus FM7 should not get deducted points mind you it was probably different reviewers that scored these two games. No forget that games are starting to go to shit no forget that single player games are starting to implement these BS mechanics even tho previous editions never had them. Do you not see something wrong with that picture and you defending MS at all cost despite their BS isn't a surprise after all they are well know for BS business practices otherwise how in the world did they get a monopoly with windows.

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-Foxtrot364d ago

Only way to get them to take notice

Bad reviews mean people might be put off buying the game in question

Lower sales - Frustrated publishers

Publishers might reconsider MTs/Loot Boxes or any other shitty anti consumer thing.

Lower scores mean lower Metacritic

Lower Metacritic - No Studio Bonuses

No Studio Bonuses - Upset Studio

Studio puts their anger towards publisher after they've just spent 3-4 years making a game and publisher was the one who wanted to add anti consumer things.

People really don't realize how much journalists have power within the games industry. I would just happily do my review and go "It could have been a solid 9...BUT the anti consumer things are a huge turn off" - 5/10

I would even do it towards other things like if a game has been dumbed down to appeal to a more accessible audiene, if it's lacking content compared to the last game, if it's obvious the game seems unfinished despite "free" updates later down the road and so on. Only way you get the studios to listen. Reviews matter.

RacerX364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Gamer reviews work. I love the Forza series, but have stayed far away from Forza 7 because of the reviews. On Xbox Live, many people have voiced concerns, so I'm staying away. This 6/10 review is in line with the Xbox live score.

freshslicepizza364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"I would even do it towards other things like if a game has been dumbed down to appeal to a more accessible audiene, if it's lacking content compared to the last game, if it's obvious the game seems unfinished despite "free" updates later down the road and so on. Only way you get the studios to listen."

Speaking of which, you've been awfully quiet about GT Sport. I will try Forza 7 and see for myself if it's much more of a grind than past GT games because of the loot crates. A lot of feedback suggest most people are blowing these loot crates out of proportion but then again those who have always been against these types of things want to be heard the most.

-Foxtrot364d ago (Edited 364d ago )


Everytime you speak

notachance364d ago

I am laughing my ass off, moldy is trying so hard to make this into a Forza vs GT when all the comments are about MTs

nix364d ago

Moldy... Shut the hell up for once.

These are the kind of gamers publishers love. They buy everything. Never complains. No matter you got what you deserved.

guyman364d ago


buzz killington lmao hahahahaha describes Bread perfectly

Godmars290364d ago

"Only way to get them to take notice"

Considering that F7's issues are things that appeared in F6, only turned up a few degrees more, have to disagree.

And since Moldy has said his fan-blind statement: People seem to have forgotten that F6's drive credits for in-game items, pay real money, was so bad that there were so much complaints the "feature" was changed within weeks if not days of the game's release. Yet here we are again with a different flavor of the same s**t.

Once a company justifies to itself that it is owed or is entitled to addition revenue - ongoing - revenue from - what use to be considered to be - a full product, they will continue to introduce new methods to do so. Use the same old ones calling them something new.

And the thing is - whether Moldy wants to hear it or not - MS as a console maker first coined "games as a service".

InKnight7s363d ago

Then increasing the DLCs because developers nowadays(since last gen) ain't enough with 60$ only price tag so they made DLCs as normal thing and start to cut contents to add them laters as DLCs due to time or purely being greedier. In addition, that lead to new lower standard by releasing game need at least 2gb patch because they are busy with DLCs plans. Then, Epidsodic stream happened this gen but thanks god they aint major hits at all and Hitman failed and I hope it will remain as TellTale thing and thats it. Now MTs and loot boxes as phone games?

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Obscure_Observer364d ago


What´s goes around, comes around. Today is Forza. Tomorrow, Battlefront 2, Battlefield, CoD and The Last of Us: Part II.

Here´s hopping that all the studios behind those games takes some serious notes from this episode.

marquisray364d ago

you posted this same thing on another site, you are a fanboy, I can't believe it.

WelkinCole364d ago

Seriously we should all boycott. As much as I love Sony if they start pushing this crap I will be forced to stop buying them specific Sony games that have it.

Enough is enough. It is time for all gamers to stand up to this otherwise they they will continue to do this BS

rainslacker364d ago

It's nice to see, because it often does get overlooked for the vast majority of games.

It's a shame though, because most reviews I've read so far seem to state the racing in the game is top notch. It's the off track stuff which seems to hold it down, and most of that is centered around the micro-transactions, which some reviewers are stating is set up to incentivize making a purchase to speed things up.

oasdada364d ago

Agreed. im all for loot boxes if they are only bought thru in game currency even if it requires a lot of grind atleast in that case i would know i earned my loot besides just throwing a bunch of dough at the publishers.

S2Killinit364d ago

Are the lootbox transactions really grabbing for money in this?

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AspiringProGenji364d ago

User Reviews on the windows store are not pretty either. A lot of people are also againts the loot boxes. Lesson learned Turn10.

badz149364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"Lesson learned Turn10."


that's what YOU think. I don't think 1 or 2 bad reviews will change their mind

AspiringProGenji364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

The game is averaging 2 starts with 209 ratings:

30 Five starts
177 One starts

Their loss if they don't listen

364d ago
Dragonscale364d ago

@aspiring, tbh its probably down to MS more than the devs. Pretty much all xbox aaa's have mt's.

KionicWarlord222364d ago

Loot boxes cant give a game a 6/10

These reviewers are trippin.

Razmiran364d ago

Guess the game isnt great then

Nyxus364d ago

Not even if they negatively affect the game? How's that?

KionicWarlord222364d ago

Theres no barrier for loot box dlc to reduce a games score by this much.

You cant spend 80 percent of a article talking about lootboxes and the rest about Forza 7 positives .

Thats not reality.

Thats nonsense.

Nyxus364d ago

@ Kionic: the reviewer does like the game, but the introduction of lootboxes is a step back and damages the game as a whole:

"For as spectacular as the whole endeavor might look, though, this mostly feels like an odd step backwards for the series. Forza 7 boasts the largest car and track roster of the entire series, but the subtle tweaks to the career mode feel like they were made in an effort to push people towards spending more money. While you currently can’t buy prize crates with actual cash (Turn 10 is looking to incorporate that in the future), the damage is done from their mere introduction."

KionicWarlord222364d ago

This dude had less to say about Forza 7 then most positive reviews and...he ends it with some weird statement about lootboxes after he was talking about loot boxes through the whole article.

The game isnt called "Forza Loot Box 7"

Ive seen multiple reviews that were more detailed by reviewers then i see in this article.

Reviewer needs to just knock it off.

badz149364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"The game isnt called "Forza Loot Box 7""

might as well call it THAT if they really like loot boxes THAT much.

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Mulando364d ago

well, what did the site give Overwatch? ... oh it was a 10 of 10
Lootboxes? ... seems more like a review of a fanboy.

KionicWarlord222364d ago

Jesus Christ now this is even more crazy.

Thanks for sharing this.

These dudes are losing it.

morganfell364d ago

HALO 5 has REQ packs which are nothing more than Loot Boxes. They can be earned and they can be purchased with real money and no guarantee what you will get specifically, only by class. No one seemed to have an issue with those. Destructoid gave H5 a 7 yet here is what they say:

"So how about those "REQ" microtransactions? They're pretty painless, actually. While they provide power-ups, such as single-use vehicles or weapons for Warzone play, they're entirely optional in Arena, and provide cosmetic upgrades (skins, and animations) or experience boosts -- think Mass Effect 3. You can basically choose to ignore the system entirely and still excel, or slowly accrue in-game currency to buy them. Either way, it doesn't really impact the experience as a whole."

So what this tells you is Destructoid is a site made up of individuals with absolutely zero editorial policies in place.

AspiringProGenji364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Except the loot boxes in Overwatch are purely cosmetics amd do affect gameplay. Noe don’t let my avatar fool you. I even hate the loot boxes there for how long to takes to get an epic skin. Aside from that, my gameplay os never affected or held back by loot boxes

bluefox755364d ago

Couple things. First off, lootboxes were less of an issue back then, so most reviewers ignored them, plus Overwatch's were cosmetic. Secondly, it was a difference reviewer that reviewed Overwatch. You think every reviewer there shares the same opinion just because they all work at the same place? That would be stupid.

AspiringProGenji364d ago

Sorry for the typos^^^ I’m still not used to iphone

morganfell364d ago

"Secondly, it was a difference reviewer that reviewed Overwatch. You think every reviewer there shares the same opinion just because they all work at the same place? That would be stupid."

No it is not stupid. That is why Standards are supposed to exist and why Editors in Chief are supposed to institute a review policy. But those days are long gone. Now what we have are not reviews and they should stop calling them that. Now they are nothing more than "What Fred Likes Today"

Is that really what you think the gaming community deserves? If someone from Car and Driver reviewed a car based on what they liked and how they felt that day they would be fired in a hot minute and their article would never see the light of day. But gaming is over run with children that think their likes and dislikes constitute a damned review and they do not. These snot nosed kids have forgotten the game matters, and they do not.

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morganfell364d ago

One site gave Shadow of War a 4.5/10 for the same reason.

KionicWarlord222364d ago

There losing all sense of reality.

Not even remotely correct for that.

Mulando364d ago

That's what I mean. Loot-boxes are only a small part of the game. if the game ist really good, you can maybe give it a point less, but not give the whole game a really bad score. If it would be pay2win in a full-priced game, that I would understand it, but all those lootbox-shit is just optional. Nothing more and nothing less. It does not harm the game in such a negative way.

UCForce364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Microtransaction is huge turn off.

Tazzy364d ago

I think you're the one trippin the X has been sprung like you wanted and for the Xbox One X its going to be the exact same thing no different see where hype gets you???

rainslacker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Read one reviewer who said off track stuff is tedious, and mostly a step backwards or having no point at all. They assumed this was because it would help push the loot boxes to help progress the player along...which is a fair assumption since that's not atypical with a MT system.

The on-track stuff can be the best in the world, but if there is tedious work involved in getting to the good stuff, it can indeed bring the game score down. If that stuff is tedious work because of the loot boxes, it can bring it down even more, because it's now a pay to win model in a full priced retail game....and some people don't like that and judge it based on that.

You state there is no barrier for loot boxes to reduce the score that much. But to know this, you'd have to know what his score would be if it didn't have loot boxes. You'd also have to know how much he was knocking off due to the tedious non-racing parts of the game. Or the bugs which some say exist. If he was only giving it an 8.5 without the bugs or tedium, then 2.5 points more would be pretty prudent to me.

Just because most reviewers overlook such things, and often don't even mention them because they don't care to provide that service for their readers, doesn't mean that all reviewers accept it, and given the controvery surrounding it this time, it'd be hard to not mention it, or factor it into the review.

Not that I'd take any individual review as a final score, but generally, there is room for interpretation in reviews. It's not like he's just saying he doesn't like the game, he's saying there are issues which have negatively affected the game, and I'd assume the score reflects this particular reviewers standards for a particular score.

But, then again, I don't take most reviewers seriously, but there is a matter of principal which you seem to be ignoring because you don't like the score.

Dragonscale364d ago

@kionic, there's quite a few reviews that do the same. Its not just one review that deducts points for the lootboxes and rightly so. It needs to stop and thats the point. Certain publishers and devs are seeing what they can get away with. Selling a full price aaa game that incudes a free to play economy is a terrible practice. Pretty much every major aaa this holidays inludes loot crates. Namely Forza, Shadow of War, Battlefront and Assassins Creed. If people don't make a stand it will become the norm. What boggles the mind is how some people are actively defending this. Its ridiculous.

Enough is enough fgs.

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DJustinUNCHAIND364d ago

So are they going to go back and re-review The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Tomb Raider, Overwatch, Battlefield 1, The last 3 Call of Duty's? I would like to see some consistency.

BiggerBoss364d ago

Why would they do that?

It'll be okay man. 6/10 ain't that bad.

Kribwalker364d ago

every fifa and madden football this gen has been littered with loot boxes. rocket league gives you a loot box that you earn but have to buy a key to unlock. it’s everyehere and it’s silly to only hold one or two games accountable

RommyReigns364d ago

No idea why you got littered with disagrees, you're spot on. FIFA Ultimate Team is rammed with scripting and manipulation to try and get people to buy FUT Coins for Packs, and the Rocket League one is utterly ridiculous (trading is available, but usually leads to more loot boxes traded which are deemed useless as you need to buy keys to open them)

moegooner88364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Depends on implementation. The past Forza entries also had micro-transactions, but they didn’t drastically impact the reviewer experience like the ones in this instalment did. In other words, this time, the devs went too far.
Want to see some consistency? Make the publishers know that micro-transactions don’t belong in 60$ games then.

NoPeace_Walker364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

This reviewer never reviewed any past Forza games or many AAA games, for that matter. Almost all of his reviews are indies.

Many other reviewers that have given FM7 high scores had played previous Forzas and they don't seem bother by it, as most said it is not 'paid to win', are optional and does not affect gameplay or progession.

moegooner88364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I was speaking generally, and I suggest you also take a look at all critic reviews , as well as user reviews/ratings at MS store, where alot of people are definitely “bothered by it”.

UCForce364d ago

Way back then, we gamer didn't think microtransaction in AAA games was huge deal until now. Thing have gone too far this time around.

NoPeace_Walker364d ago

So when the TLOU 2 arrives with the same MC or worst 'pay to win MP DLC' like the last game, I want you to be in EVERY review for that game and tell everyone that MC, loot boxes, pay to win DLCs are bad and don't support the developer and game. Deal?

ecchiless364d ago


would tlou 2 have mt in the sp mode? did uc4 have those in sp?

364d ago
rainslacker364d ago

Reviews tend to be held to the standard of the time. If MT systems are more undesirable now, and weren't then, there is no reason to review them again. However, it seems the stated problem here is the way the MT are done, coupled with a game play mechanics which promote purchases to ease what is a dull part of the game.

Can't speak for all the games you mentioned, but for the ones I do know, none of their MT affected the game in a negative way, nor were those game tedious due to it.

UCForce364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

@NoPeace_Walker I criticize every AAA games when they put microtransaction including Sony, Microsoft and other as well from past and present. But here the thing, will you do the same thing or not ? I don't see you criticize MS just like I criticize Sony. I'm PlayStation Loyalist, but I'm not blind like you. I remember I criticized Sony for increased PS+ Price. I remember ND put the weapon behind pay wall in The Last of Us MP which make me angry and boycott it. And others bad thing that Sony has done. So I ask you again, would you criticize MS just like i criticize Sony or you just ignored it and blame everyone else ? Not every companies are perfect.

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