Forza's End of Life Process Highlights So Many Issues

Forza Motorsport 7 is being shelved later this year as part of an End of Life process. We argue against it.

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autobotdan673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

"but the point is, I don’t want to be here next year lamenting the removal of Forza Horizon 4, because that’s the way this is going." -article quote

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CDbiggen673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

Didn't know about this. I hate the thought of not being able to buy or download something that was available. PT was one I can think of. Another, and actually more relevant, was GTI Club for PS3 - Good party games, but because of real world cars was delisted.

porkChop672d ago

Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy was delisted just a few years ago. It was released on disc though so you can still find it, though the prices aren't always great.

CDbiggen672d ago

Yeah that's it, prices of the things rockets up and puts it out of reach for most. But the digital only releases are lost forever.

Gaming4Life1981672d ago

More recently is the super mario anniversary 3d collection, that was only out for a year. Delisting of games should never happen but hey if you own it its your forever just download it now if you have the digital copy.

Mvsc2 was the worst for me cause I wasn't able to download it before it was pulled so one of my favorite fighters is gone forever.

JEECE673d ago

The weirdest component to me is that this is happening before 8 comes out. You'd think they'd stagger them in such a way that there would always be at least one game in the series (I'm counting the Horizon games separately) that they could sell.

--Onilink--672d ago

Well, its not that weird that the typical release schedule would get broken with the move to next gen (and covid), so I guess they either didnt expect to be delayed that much or the length of the contract for just 1 particular game wasnt worth going over possible legal/monetary changes (asumming that eventually they get back to the usual schedule for future games)

Seraphim672d ago

that's the biggest issue as I see it.

brewin673d ago

It's kind of ridiculous, but at least they have a valid reason to stop selling it with all the licensing stuff. It's better than artificially limiting it's release and then stopping its sale to create artificial demand, ala Nintendo with their Mario 3D All Stars shenanigans. Besides, its not like the already made disc copies are going anywhere. If anything, those just became more valuable.

Godmars290672d ago

Its their game. How do they not hold all licenses related to their game?

FlameWater672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

Because licenses expire and they don't want to spend a fortune to renew it.
GTAV has to remove music from its updated online version for the exact same reason.

brewin672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

They do, but it's not perpetual ownership. There's a lot of licenses in these games. All the cars, over 700, tracks, music, etc is all licensed for a certain amount of time. It's just the nature of the business now. They cannot continue to sell it without signing new agreements.

It sucks, but would anyone play Forza without the licenses?! Plus, I'm sure they're working on the licences for the eventual Forza 8. There are a number of factors at play here. The easy solution is to buy a copy.

All racing games with this many licenses will be like this in the future. It's not an exclusive issue to Forza. I'm sure they could extend them but why would they if the games not selling new copies on a regular basis?!

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