Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review - A graceful and riveting addition to the series | Raging Gazebo

Naughty Dog has laid claim to some of the most cinematic, dramatic and overall astounding gameplay ever featured in video games. The Uncharted series introduced a charismatic, witty and beloved protagonist in Nathan Drake, but now it seems it’s time we left the series to a few of the other intriguing and skilled adventurers from the franchise in, Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

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opinionated744d ago

I loved it, it's my second favorite uncharted game after U2. It even managed to make Nadine and Sam likable who I thought were terrible in U4. Chloe was always my favorite uncharted character and she didn't disappoint.

It had a few boring moments that clearly took cues from U4. They were small moments and were quickly fixed with excellent pacing. The beginning started really slow and I was worried but after it lit the fuse it was a fun ride. I'm proud of naughty dog for their step back into right direction of perfect pacing.

jokerisalive744d ago (Edited 744d ago )

Great game and a nice addition to the Uncharted series/universe. Always liked Chloe she is a tough chic and easy on the eyes too.

smolinsk744d ago

Great game, exciting fun environments and even more fun puzzels then uncharted 4