Forza Motorsport 6 vs Forza 7 Xbox One S Graphics Comparison

Let’s have another look on graphics improvement in Forza Motorsport series. This time comparing direct feed from Forza 6 nad latest Forza 7 Demo both running on Xbox One S.

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corroios487d ago

one is darker then another
one got sitckers on the back of the car and another doesnt.
one is raining more then another
the left is more shiny then the right.
There arent any major diferences.

WickedLester487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

I agree. The differences are extremely minimal. If you are still using a 1080p TV, I don't think the X1X is worth it. You'd be better off buying an S at half the price.

DJustinUNCHAIND487d ago

They aren't using an X in this video.

Come on, man.

Obscure_Observer487d ago

This is Xbox One S vs Xbox One S! Turn 10 are masters of their craft! Fantastic improvement over Forza 6!

DevilOgreFish487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

"This time comparing direct feed from Forza 6 and latest Forza 7 Demo both running on Xbox One S."

they're both the xbox one S version of Forza 6 and 7. from the looks of it good job Turn10.

mandingo487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Why are you buying it if you're playing on a 1080p tv. I get that you stilll get some improvements but it doesn't make sense to me.

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Rude-ro487d ago

2 years on the remake truly helped the developers 😂

Movefasta1993487d ago

Dynamic lighting and weather and more cars but for gt it's been over 5 years and they removed dynamic lighting weather ,removed the career mode and it has less cars lmao lmao omg omg so funny it's hilarious right?

Rude-ro487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

@Movefasta1993... right?!
Nothing absolutely new with gtsport.
Glad that makes you feel good about your defense of a reskin with the last game.
And congrats on dynamic lighting and weather!!! About time they changed something on a forza game besides the number that comes after forza...
and, it looks like they will not have to use fake footage to sell the game like they did with 5. That is a perk as well.
Go get em tiger.
Any officially licensed online racing leagues on forza? Or is that still the same as well?

Bruh486d ago

Its cause you got the fanboy glasses on man, take em off

The lighting is a major step up, the aliasing is also vastly improved, this doesn't even take into account the new weather effects

timotim487d ago

Wow, what a difference! Turn10 are the masters of racing. While playing the demo, I was amazed how much better 7 looked over was a similar feeling I got with Horizon 3 from 2.

mcstorm487d ago

Not played the demo yet still trying to get through 6 and horizon 3 but from what ive seen some big changes but in little ways like things moving on the car and the effects look more real. Both PG and Turn10 do an amazing job with pushing the xbox ones power.

timotim487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Yeah, it's really impressive. Everything from AA to texture quality to lighting has improved significantly.

mcstorm487d ago

Sounds good look forward to seeing it.

Berenwulf487d ago

The difference is minimal.... The comparison is absolutely useless because the weather isn't the same... I don't know where you can see a huge difference. But please share them with us.

EmperorDalek487d ago

He mentioned he played the demo, so he was probably going off that too.

timotim487d ago

I can see a huge difference because I'm not reliant on a YouTube video as my sole basis for comparison and have actually played both games in person haha. 7 outclasses 6 in 3 main areas...AA, textures and lighting. The AA alone is miles better. Nothing in 6's texture quality comes close to the Dubai track in 7.

Gwynbleidd487d ago

I have to support timotim on that. I see the same significant improvements over FM 6 when I play the FM 7 demo.
FM 7 takes Forza Motorsport to the next level.

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Gwynbleidd487d ago

Played the demo yesterday and the first thing that catches the eye:

FM7 has much improved Anti Aliasing. I don't know how they achieved it, but it looks a lot smoother than before. We have to await the final game with all tracks of course, but it looks promising.
Also the tracks themselves have improved. The surroundings look better.
Another upgrade I encountered is that they managed to improve the sound atmosphere. It has been awesome before but now it seems even better.
Also the soundtrack is awesome! Clearly a matter of taste, but I love it.

I am hyped more than ever for the full game!! :)

Gwynbleidd487d ago

So you didn't play it, right?

InMyOpinion487d ago

No, I just watched the video and they look the same. Why, is the different somehow bigger irl?

Gwynbleidd487d ago

Way bigger, I played the demo and compared it to fm6 on my Xbox. The improvements are remarkable. Not a quantum leap but a significant improvement. Forza Motorsport keeps on evolving:
Dynamic weather and light, better sound, better anti aliasing and better track graphics. Definitely a must buy for Forza Motorsport fans IMO.

InMyOpinion486d ago

I'm just joking. Forza has always been my favourite racing series. I wish there was something like Horizon 3 on the PS4. I don't own a Xbox this gen and don't care for GT or DriveClub. The new NFS looks pretty good and similar to Horizon. One can hope that they've taken lessons from the last abomination.

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