Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Expansion Launches October 31

"Coming off the recent beta Square Enix has now announced that the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion known as Comrades will be launching on PS4 and Xbox One on October 31. You’ll be able to able to purchase it separately or for free if you own the Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV."

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FallenAngel1984392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Spoiler alert😱

I still can't believe that Square Enix had the balls to be really meta and put a 10 year gap in FFXV's plot. Now they're taking it even further and letting players live through that decade with this multiplayer mode.

-Foxtrot391d ago

Oh yeah the 10 year plot element which added hardly any substance where it could have been better if the story developed over that 10 year gap slowly as we see each of the characters grow older and mature. Not just being sucked into a crystal with 10 years passing to advance the plot quicker and the worst part is they never even let us explore the new, dangerous changed world or even see other aged characters like Cor or Iris. Plot could have easilly been Noctis coming out a month later, even a year but 10? Just seemed it was to see them age quicker.

So now we'll be seeing that 10 year gap...only if we play the multiplayer. Another part of FFXV story wise which was missing now post DLC...great.

Asuka391d ago

not gonna lie. not once did i ever think to myself "boy how cool would it be to play a Final Fantasy with my friends online"...

That's what the MMOs are for, but please don't do this for mainline titles smh. I have said it before and i'll say it again. I enjoyed my first playthrough of FFXV, as hollow as the story was. But all this "extended universe" crap just makes mainline title feel so cheap. If more time was focused on the mainline title maybe we could have gotten a properly fleshed out story instead having to "dig into the lore" and make up the stories for ourselves. I mean i love delving into lore, but come on there wasn't any meat on the bones for the actual plot.

For FFXVI just give us a well structured and developed story driven game, and nothing else. Don't want a movie, or anime, or mobile games. If you can't do that then don't bother imo. Its been so long since I have be pulled in by a good FF story, and I have grown tired of waiting... /rant

Godmars290391d ago

That is apparently what the "mainstream" JRPG crowd wants nowadays: community.

Not story, not character development or exploration, not even a decent battle system, just community.

(Yes. I'm old, complaining about "the good olde days and telling kids to "get off my damn lawn"

Suck an egg, ya damn whipper-snappers...)

_-EDMIX-_391d ago

I don't believe that the jrpg crowd actually want this....

At all

Godmars290391d ago


Yeah. Forgot to mention that such is what publishers think that RPG fans in general want shallow games built upon agency removing CG cutscenes if not text logs, which don't even have to be in a game, gives them excuse to subscriptions, DLC and microtransaction while saving greatly on production costs by not making more involving, interactive, game mechanics to enable in-depth storytelling. That's what the big publishers know as an absolute money-making certainty.

(I'm being sarcastic. Sarcastic as F**k. Would have used "/s", should have used it before, but then I couldn't be sarcastic as F**k now.

Now get off my lawn. Matlock is on!)

Godmars290391d ago

And, sorry I forgot to read/respond to your rant asking that Square - SQUARE! - make a FF entry that's well structured and not dependent on hype and side projects. Here you go:

Asuka391d ago

Lmao i should have expected this haha

Chaosdreams391d ago

Agreed. Despite the hollow plot, the characters themselves were very enjoyable. I've clocked in more hours into FF15 than most titles in the series (sitting at the 90h mark / finished the 'game' 30-40h" in. But the plot itself, took, maybe less than... All I know is, it was short).

The Post Game dungeons and the trials, or whatever, do add some fun. But not a single day goes by where I don't think, "This would've been so much better, if the story was actually, told."

The Extended Universe, is a poor excuse for the base game being what it is. It doesn't even tie in cohesively. Kingsglaive is great, but when the game begins, they can't even make that merge properly. Characters disappear, or change behaviour erratically. Then we have the brotherhood animation. Great stuff, would have been way better as cutscenes that acted as flashbacks in the game. Then there's the DLC's clearly, ripped, from the base game... In fact, it's almost as if they deliberately took aspects of the lore and sprinkled it amongst shadows and hard to find places. There's more videos of fan theories, desperately trying to put the pieces together, than there is in actual story told.

Despite all this, I do enjoy the game... I just hate that when the years pass and I look back, I won't feel anything for Noctis and the gang, because I'll only know that 'stuff' took place. What should've been a dark Romeo / Juliet, became a journey where a smoking mechanic added decals to a car, Ramen and Assasin's are advertised, and Ignis came up with a new recipe.

Pancit_Canton391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

F***ing Square-Enix is going to milk the **** of this game, until they get their money's worth on that 10yrs development spent on this game.

The 10th Rider391d ago

Yeah, when I see the stuff about them really wanting to put the game on Switch all I can think about is that they're trying to squeeze every last bit of sales out of the game.

_-EDMIX-_391d ago

That was in regards to Pocket Edition

From what I read they can't get Final Fantasy 15 the way it is on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to work on Switch. So Pocket Edition is the most likely version

The 10th Rider391d ago (Edited 391d ago )


If you don't know what you're talking about, it's probably best not to comment acting like you do. They already confirmed that they want to get the full version on Switch. They even approached Epic and are seeing if anything can be done with Unreal. They never said anything about trying to port the Chibbi version to Switch . . . So no, it wasn't in regards to the pocket edition.

Either way, that *and* the fact that they're making a mobile version and a VR spinoff really cements the idea that they're going to try and squeeze every last bit of money they can out of the game.

georeo391d ago

Is it good tho? Did anybody play the beta multiplayer?

phoenixwing391d ago

1. I don't have psn plus but 2. I'm not going to play the multiplayer. FF is not about multiplayer it's always been the story. If square makes a multiplayer and expects to cash in i'll be one of the people who don't buy in. Also, if anyone really wants to play FF multiplayer so bad they can play the damn MMO

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