The Future Of Final Fantasy Is All About Player Feedback

When Yoshinori Kitase talks about the future of Final Fantasy, you probably want to listen. The veteran producer, widely considered the successor to former Square Enix honcho Hironobu Sakaguchi, is one of the shepherds of the iconic role-playing game series. And he’s looking to take some lessons from the world of mobile gaming—namely, player feedback.

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Becuzisaid401d ago

Evidence the company can't think for itself. I enjoyed FFXV but there's no denying the series is a shadow of its former self.

naruga401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

indeed ....why listen player feedback,,,they dont have any creativity left? .if all the time listen the masses then the only game masses can lcreate is dumb GTA clones----be creators and lead you retarded Square .......FFXV had huge potential to become one of the best entries ...however they chopped the thing to piecies and even leaving unfinished huge parts creating an uncohesive (though beautiful visually) mess with half of the content of previous entries

PlayableGamez-401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

A good ride will eventually come to an end.

Hoi_C401d ago

surely people asked for FFXV on mobiles.

PhoenixUp401d ago

How much feedback must there be until there's a remaster of FInal Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

link2Dpast401d ago

I truly miss the turn base fight style. I never felt like it was a broken system. There many variations lik speeding up the turn meter which Feels pretty intense when it gets tough. In the end it's all preference but that's one thing I definitely miss from the final fantasy games

FallenAngel1984401d ago

There's turn based combat in World of Final Fantasy

Lighter9401d ago

Then make a new Tactics game for consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.