Jak and Daxter’s PS4 Release Allows it to Shine Brighter than Ever Before

The PS4 version retains a widescreen aspect ratio and feels a bit more natural as a PS2 to PS4 game.

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PhoenixUp498d ago

They should hurry up porting the other 3 Jak and Daxter games to PS4

Bronxs15498d ago

I wish they would let another studio remake jak and daxter like they did with ratchet and clank on os4

Retroman498d ago

Agree, what they should do reboot Jax an Daxter as insomniac rebooted R&C

Blackcanary498d ago

What are you talking about Insomniac has made every R&C game.

Bronxs15498d ago

I meant they should let another studio remake it like how they (insomniac) remade ratchet.

NiteX498d ago

It really does need a remake, the first game didn't age well at all. I'm also thinking you meant like Crash Bandicoot. R&C reboot was done by Insomniac.

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mahmoods26498d ago

Are you kidding me? Have you played the remaster on PS3? That was way better.

BioShockGX497d ago

Can't wait to play it again on ps5 lmao

Jamaicangmr497d ago

I've been begging for a new Jak n Daxter, i'd even settle for a remake but a re-release i'm not that interested in to be honest.

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