Here is your first look at the 3D remake of Secret of Mana

At this year’s PAX West event, Square Enix showcased the 3D remake of Secret of Mana. TwitchTV’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ has shared a video, giving us our first look at this upcoming remake that will be released next year.

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Fullmetalevolust2480d ago

it actually looks very good in that 3d model, it probably didn't have a huge budget and I'm glad it's coming out on multiple platforms so that we can all enjoy this wonderful game. I hope the series makes a serious come back, top down has always been more enjoyable as far as secret of mana is concerned. Combat is running smoothly and so is the animation. I am relieved and I will buy it next year.

FallenAngel19842480d ago

This game really has no business selling for $40, especially when the previous 3D Mana remake sold for $14 last year

Neonridr2480d ago

Here's hoping they add Switch support to that remake. Either that or at least give us the Japanese Switch trilogy localized.

2480d ago
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SimpleSlave245d ago

I'm still waiting for a proper Final Fantasy game that looks exactly like Yoshitaka Amano's art. Dissidia proved how ridiculously amazing that would look like but it was still not close enough. They need to go for broke on Amano's art style and design.

I don't care if it's a remake of 5 or 6 or a new entry, just make it happen at some point in this life time SquareEnix...


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