Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

So here we are with yet another PS2 to PS4 title. This time Sony has decided to release cult classic Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy as a PS2 emulated game in 1080p on PS4.
Let’s compare latest PS3 HD remake and this PS4 version and see if emulation can be as good as specially treated graphics on last gen.

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PhoenixUp421d ago

Jak and Daxter was far too successful to be considered "a cult classic"

cyckiewicz421d ago

It depends on how you define "cult classic"

Elda421d ago

Cult classic basically means something that hasn't reached commercial success but has a strong fan base & following,something underground or part of a subculture.Imo Ico & Shadow of Colossus would fall into cult classics.

darthv72420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

There is no other way to define the term. What you are thinking is "cult classic" may actually be referred to as "nostalgia".

Cult classic is something under the radar that has become popular because of its below mainstream following. That does not describe this game at all.

Just edit your piece and remove the word "cult" and leave it as "classic" and problem is solved. J&D is a classic but it is a mainstream classic not a cult classic.

PhoenixUp421d ago

Generally, the definition of a cult classic is a product that was not widely commercially successful, but has maintained a strong and dedicated fan following nevertheless.

Jak & Daxter achieved too many sales to be labeled as such.

cyckiewicz421d ago

Well to me a cult vlassic is a game which I really enjoyed and getting back to it is the same enjoyable as it was years ago + many of gamers thinks the same :)

PhoenixUp421d ago

That's what you would consider a general classic game, not specifically a cult classic

Liqu1d421d ago

@cyckiewicz That's not what a cult classic is at all.

rainslacker420d ago

A cult classic would be something more like Bonk on the TG-16, whereas a classic would be something along the lines of Sonic the Hedgehog. No one would ever define Sonic as a cult classic, because it's too successful. While bonk itself was successful for it's time, it wasn't wildly successful enough to have a huge fan base, but it certainly has it's followers and those who will speak fondly of it.

I think you're mistaking nostalgia as being the same as a cult classic. Cult implies small....or in this case, less than large following....but in this case also, a dedicated following who feels positive things about the thing in question.

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sloth3395421d ago

why do some parts of the PS3 one look better than the PS4 one like the tree right at the start of the video and Jak looks better when they r focused on his face

GryestOfBluSkies421d ago

the ps4 game is not the remastered version. its ps2 emulation

PhoenixUp420d ago

PS4 version is a straight port while the PS3 version is a remaster

toxic-inferno420d ago

With that in mind, you've got to admit that the PS4 version stands up well in comparison!

PhoenixUp420d ago

PS3 version is in 720p while PS4 version is 1080p

Elda421d ago

Never got into the Jak & Daxter series but I got this game for free from buying The Lost Legacy,so I'll try it out.

LoveSpuds420d ago

As long as you respect the fact that this is an older game you will have the most fun. I loved these titles back in the day and got the Platinum in the HD remake on the PS3 and I am again, really tempted to play it again. The gameplay is super satisfying but it's the characters more than anything else that drag me back.

Elda420d ago

I've played it for 2 hrs & it's just ok so far far as gameplay.I'm just running around collecting orbs but the characters are somewhat comical.

Nodoze420d ago

Why has there not been another NEW Jak and Daxter title in the last two generations? Shame really.

LoveSpuds420d ago

I concur, such a great series. I love 3d platformers and J&D is up there among my faves.

FallenAngel1984420d ago

Cuz Naughty Dog wanted to end the series on a high note, and we actually got two games in this series during the 7th gen

doomster71420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

The PS4 emulated version doesn't seem as good as the PS3 remastered version. The emulated version has bilinear filtering. The remastered one has anisotropic filtering. I think I'll play through the remasted one again. I got the emulated version for nothing so I've not lost anything.

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