Das Gamer Interview: Blame Batman's Watered Down Brutality On DC Comics

Das Gamer writes: "Hector Sanchez, associate producer on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, sat down to talk about the upcoming release in the MK franchise. According to Ramirez the game is about 85% complete with most of the trademark fatalities and brutalities (finishing moves for the comic book characters that DC didn't want to mix with simulated murder) set in stone.

As a fan of the post-Frank Miller, just right of evil Batman, I was excited to see what Midway had cooked up for the Dark Knight's finishing move. I figured Bruce Wayne's cloudy moral compass over the last couple of years in pop culture would open up plenty of options when it comes to putting an opponent out of their misery. Instead, of cracking a necks, curb stomping, or any physical contact whatsoever, Batman finishes his opponents by slipping a sonic emitter around his wobbling foe that summons twenty or thirty bats that swarm. A crippling move, this ain't. According to Sanchez it was all part of the challenge of working on the a title that includes licensed characters. And it could prove to be a major sticking points with the hardcore fans of the series. Hit the jump to see what Sanchez had to say and why, if anything, pulling the reins in on the MK team might be a good thing."

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