Skyrim on Switch: First Hands-On Gameplay - IGN

We got our first hands-on with Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. Here's what we thought of the gameplay experience.

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Maybay1282d ago

Never played and will be buying Skyrim for the Switch.

I'm a believer.

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

Say goodbye to your social life lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1281d ago

That saying applies to pretty much anyone that frequently plays huge RPG's with open worlds, but I still agree.XD

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

@wonder-but Skyrim is like the granddaddy of all RPGs! There's so many different options like this person could probably play through this game several times simply changing his class and focusing on different guilds.

Plus all of the DLC!

Skyrim is definitely an exceptional RPG. Depending on its price by the time I get a Switch I might even consider purchasing it again.

Nivekki1281d ago

'but Skyrim is like the granddaddy of all RPGs!'


jlove4life1282d ago

I'll be buying psvr version i wanted switch version also but bought it on pc ps3 ps4 now vr arghhh 59.99 vr version though i own it already ps4 whyyyy

generic-user-name1282d ago

It will be worth it I think. The immersion will be off the hook yo.

Leeroyw1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

It's funny isn't it?
Skyrim ruined my last relationship on ps3.
Now I'm about to buy it on ps4 for vr and it can ruin my relationship I currently have. And then I'm possibly going to buy it on switch to ruin my work relationships.....
That's 300 dollars to F up my life.

Worth it.

badz1491280d ago

nah...good for you! time is up and what you need to do is grab your gear, wield your weapon and break through to the enemy lair head on while screaming "LEEEROOOOY JEEEENKIIINS!!"

Sono4211281d ago

They are re selling this game so many times it's insane

generic-user-name1281d ago

Yet Virtual Console is Switch's most wanted feature.

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

Errrr not really, it's one of the best selling RPGs of all time technically they've only we released Skyrim once on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and clearly on the switch.

I mean that's actually not that many times have you not considered how many times something like let's say Mario Brothers have been re-released?

Who cares?

This isn't insane, this is simply business, in fact out argue on the contrary it would be insane for them not to make money from successful software.

I mean when Nintendo makes another portable I want to play breath of the Wild on it I don't care if it's released in fact I don't care if they re-release every Zelda to multiple generations simply because there's always an opportunity for a new generation to enjoy a classic.

jmtstan1281d ago

bought a vanilla Ps3 version, then bought the pc version..... then got the GOTY PS3 version... then got the special edition for free on steam.... then bought the ps4 version.... going to buy Switch soon, I guess it won't hurt to buy the switch version... wow Bethesda really suck my wallet dry.

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FallenAngel19841282d ago

So has it been confirmed if this is the original Skyrim or the remastered Skyrim that's releasing on Switch

porkChop1282d ago

It seems like a custom version inbetween the two. It has all the DLC, and some but not all of the enhancements.

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

Agreed as far as I could see this looks like it's kind of in-between but so long as it has all of the content in regards to the DLC I think most will be fine.

EddieNX 1281d ago

The graphics are somewhere in between the remaster and the original, the only portable version of Skyrim though, which is more impressive than the "special edition"

ninsigma1281d ago

Switch is more powerful that the consoles Skyrim originally released on. What's impressive about that??

EddieNX 1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Its portable. Whats impressive about the special edition? its not even 60fps, just a coat of paint. If the special edition were 60fps then it would be impressive but its 1080p 30fps and I wont be surprised if thats what the Switch version runs while docked. In conclusion, portable Skyrim>>>Special none portable 30fps edition.

BVFTW1281d ago

Skyrim was already portable, it runs on windows tablets years before the Switch and on 300$ tablets a year before the release of the switch. Steam users don't need to pay again for playing the game on the go. For switch users, it's still a win to be able to play such a great game thought.

Cube i7 Stylus for example (270-330$)

ninsigma1281d ago

Special edition isn't special. I never said it was, but lets not overstate the portability of the switch here.

WeAreLegion1281d ago

Kind of... Laptops play Skyrim, you know? And I play it on my Vita sometimes.

generic-user-name1281d ago

Skyrim VR>>>Special Edition with mods>>>Portable Skyrim

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

??? No.

Gaming laptops have existed for a long time to play Skyrim , this is not the only portable version of Skyrim.

Also I find it difficult to understand what's impressive about a last generation game playing on a portable typically speaking that's kind of what lots of Portables do anyway.

I mean that's as impressive as Final Fantasy 7 in Metal Gear Solid 1 playing on the PSP. That's as interesting as Mario 64 playing on the DS.

I mean interesting but playing a last-generation game on a portable I wouldn't really say is that huge of a technical feat.

I mean you're questioning what's special about the special edition but I mean you do understand that has mods right?

By default that is going to be more impressive than this version.

armchairDev1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Looks awful on the Switch, which is funny, considering the console is supposedly several times more powerful than the xbox 360 or the ps3 that originally ran this game.

I guess you guys are excited to get ports of 10 year-old games on your system, so whatever...

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ccgr1281d ago

Neat, but I already played the crap out of it on PC

wonderfulmonkeyman1281d ago

Same here, but there are some DLC and hidden quests I never got to finish, so having it on Switch is a decent way to finish that now that my gaming laptop is dead.^^;;

_-EDMIX-_1281d ago

Exactly this is one of those games where even if you played it, giving all the DLC is a nice incentive.

Plus you could play it on the go.

Duke191281d ago

Pass for me - played this game to death already, but I will say the motion controls seem like they could be fun for newcomers.