Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - No DLCs planned, but the series will probably keep alive

Naughty Dog has confirmed that there are no DLCs planned for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, but the serie will probably keep alive.

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AcidDvl1433d ago

Lol, imagine a DLC standalone having standalone DLC's that had DLC.

"Hey dawg, I hear you like DLC..."

Lynx02071433d ago

Any DLC having it's own DLC is crazy enough for me.
(But that is Uncharted, so I would probably buy it anyway.)

Gemmol1433d ago

Not me, I tried the collection but never could get into it, story was cool just did not like it being so linear, but being linear is needed to make story good so I understand why they took that path. Plus its a game where you should focus on the task and not wander around. My cousin love it tho, one of her favorite series, she beat all except number 4.

KTF261433d ago

I think it became a full game at the end
but people who bought the season pass will get it

Skankinruby1433d ago

They could make a whole branch of this series with Chloe as the face and maintain its quality. No way will it be as popular as the original but I'm really glad they're doing this.

goken1433d ago

love uncharted, super happy it will be kept alive, Yay!
but does uncharted have a lot of characters?


ND definitely should NOT make this DLC into it's own series. That is the definition of milking a franchise. The Uncharted formula is getting old now and I think ND should move on to new IP. I don't even want ND to make a new TLOU because the first one was about as perfect as a game can get. Let Uncharted rest and move on to bigger and better things. This rule can be applied to any milked franchise.

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