Microsoft striving for simultaneous Vista, 360 releases

Microsoft is hoping to see more titles released simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and Vista platforms, according to Rick Wickham, director for the Windows Gaming business.

Wickham indicated that a number of PC and Xbox 360 titles will launch at the same time this year, although he added that it was essentially a decision left to individual third-party publishers.

The initiative is just one of many designed to marry the two platforms, along with games that are playable across both formats and the adoption of Xbox Live features into PC gaming.

Achievement points, a key aspect of Xbox Live play, are also set to be incorporated into PC games and Windows Vista over the coming year.

Microsoft hopes to entice a majority of game developers to release titles under the Games for Windows branding, building a portfolio of titles. Games on show at the event included Crytek's Crysis, Funcom's Age of Conan, Flagship Studio's Hellgate: London and Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander.

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Capt CHAOS5226d ago

But still very good news. Look forward to more PC games coming my 360 way..

likeaboss3025226d ago

The 360 can do DX10 level graphics but doesn't use the official DX10 standard. The lack of official DX10 support shouldn't be a big deal for awhile. Remember PC game developers have to code of a larger variety of computers. Most of their market will have PCs less powerful then what the 360 can crank out. Not everyone has a 8800 in their PC.