Hands On With Final Version Of MK vs. DC + New Footage (TrueGameHeadz)

Is it safe to say the Mortal Kombat franchise is back to it's former glory? Well after hands on time with the final build of MK vs. DC i have a feeling it's just about there. The first thing that stood out to me while playing, was how well the DC and Mk universe meshed together. Now i know there's alot of haters out there, but guys give it a chance. I doubt you'll agree that the whole concept is ridiculous or stupid once you've played the game. And speaking of play, some of you old school Mk fans will feel right at home with the familiar attacks and moves input, hell even the good old uppercuts have returned.

What's also cool is the ease of pick up and play. Having been away from the MK games for years, i was able to get...

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MK_Red3673d ago

Hmm, the cut-scenes look good. The character select screen is decent too.