Detroit's Awful E3 2017 Video Killed My Will To See It Ever Again

Since watching the trailer for Detroit at E3 2017, NoobFeed EIC no longer wants Detroit; and he hates it.

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UCForce2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Even I do know people are excited about this game, but David Cage games have some rough reputations especially he been mocked as "failure of game design". "Sigh" I remember David Cage got mocked fun by majority. People question David Cage game design so many times which I find is getting annoying.

l3w1s2055d ago

I'm really happy I played Heavy Rain without knowing anything about game industry and have never read any of David Cage's interviews.


I'm glad I played it. It had some intresting ideas in game design, basicly how do you make quick time events more interactive/intresting but I felt it's story (plot holes) let it done and I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought I should have.

Note: I also thought LA Norie was let down by its story also... I admittedly read too many cop novels and watch too many of the TV shows also... So after the second case on the Murder desk I knew the characters were making mistakes and I couldn't stop them.

Astros12055d ago

Heavy rain was legit good , I just didn't play enough it through for all endings...

Seraphim2055d ago

Heavy Rain was really good. I personally love Beyond Two Souls though. Either way you cut it these are a different breed but both are incredible games. End of the day I'm sure Detroit will be interesting and a good play at the very least.

mgszelda12055d ago

The real tragedy here is quantic dream gives original stories with actual "branching" choices not like the tell tale choice illusion that eventually funnels into one plot. Quantic gets ripped into and tell tale gets a pass

SmielmaN2055d ago

I like both companies games but I agree. Telltale is critically praised and QD always gets judged harshly.

Doesn't change that the games are interesting and compelling though. If ppl avoided them because of some reviews they have only robbed themselves of a quality game experience.

morganfell2055d ago

So other than the fact one is truly branching and one is not, name something else prominent about the games and you will understand why QD is attacked.

Aeery2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Let me be straight : this article is so stupid that killed my interest in your website (I was never interested in your website).
Stop with this shit.
It's time that some people realize that shitty articles do nothing except hurt your reputation (do you have any btw ?!).
If you want to trash something try to have a good (and solid) point first ...

donthate2055d ago

The reason why people are not intrested in this game anymore, is because it was misleading. Last year the E3 footage of this gamne is completely different than this year. It's almost like two different games. Like wtf happened?

This is the foibles of announcing and showing games taht aren't ready. You wait for years, get teased every year, and the result is wildly different.

UCForce2055d ago

@donthate It is not misleading. David Cage confirmed there are three playable characters in Detroit Become Human in first place. For me, the android girl is Kara, the android who work with the cop is Connor and the rouge android is Markus. So it is about android how is feel to become human. At first trailer in 2015, I already knew there will be robot uprising.

Sunny_D2055d ago


Hmmm does it start with P and end with exclusive?

morganfell2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


Bingo. If this was a multiplatform game it would not get anywhere near the hate. Telltale is the poster child for getting a pass and solely because they are mnultiplatform. The very thing used to damn QD titles, used to attack games such as The Order, are the things people ignore with Telltale. None of these are items with which I have an issue. I actually love them all. But then again I am not jealous of Sony titles.

And thanks for not being one of 8 or 9 people that failed to understand where I was going.

Imalwaysright2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )


The reason why Telltales games get a "pass" is because they actually tell good stories with charismatic characters. QD is "attacked" because David cage is a poor writer that couldn't tell a consistent story if his life depended on it. Until Dawn was widely praised and that game is also a PS exclusive so what would your explanation be for the "pass" the game got?

Exvalos2055d ago

Good fucking point why does telltale get praised for putting out the same game over and over just with different charachters

UltraNova2054d ago


I d like to see you write and direct an exclusive game with a true multi-branching story catered to niche audience and do a perfectly received job...

Imalwaysright2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


Don't give me that argument that only 15 year old kids come up with. Either the stories these games tell are good or not. Either the stories these games tell are badly written or not and the stories that David Cage writes are filled with so many plotholes and loose ends that they don't make any sense to me. David Cage is not a good writer.

If PS exclusives like TloU, Ni-oh Bloodborne, Horizon or Until Dawn are good then their scores will reflect that and the praise for them will come naturally by gamers and critics alike. If PS exclusives aren't good then they will be criticized just like any game made or funded by other publishers. That pathetic excuse that playstation games are somehow judged harshly is old and tired especially in this year 2017 where most PS exclusives have been widely praised.

Having said this, Telltale Games are by far the superior studio. All those partnerships they got despite being an indie studio is a testament to their quality wich in a way it sucks for me because it means that I won't be seeing a wolf among us sequel any time soon.

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Ceaser98573612055d ago

I personally liked it.. and i will get it on day one.... i really need to know how are the story connected at the end..

Erik73572055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Also the whole idea "robots made to serve humanity are going rouge" is so unorginal in concept

Whish they went with a different take on AI and not some stupid uprising like we have seen this before to many times.

UCForce2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Well, it's maybe done before. But this is something that David Cage never done before. Yes, he did made supernatural game and sci game, but he never done on Robot Uprising. The more I look at the trailer, it more like Heavy Rain which is a good thing.

madforaday2055d ago

You can say that for almost every genre in this industry with a few exceptions, of course. That isn't really a argument, a good game is a good game no matter what the setting or genre is or how unoriginal it is.

I am happy that this is more like Heavy Rain compared to their last game which I didn't even bother with.

Erik, now I am trying to think of few decent games that have Robots made to serve humanity that are going rouge. I am thinking of Westworld but that isn't a game lol

UnHoly_One2055d ago

"Going Rogue"

Rouge is makeup.

dumahim2055d ago

Ok, you come up with an original idea for a story. See how well that goes. Take some time and think about all the movies that come out and then work out how many of them are actually original.

Besides, it was based off a PS3 tech demo. People loved the concept so much and wanted it made in to a full game, so he did.

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2055d ago
XanderZane2054d ago

I honestly don't care what people say about David Cage's games. I liked Heavy Rain and even though Beyond: Two Souls wasn't perfect, it still had some enjoyable value in it. I'm interested to see how Detroit: Become Human turns out.

IamTylerDurden12054d ago

Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy were big for storytelling in games and they are unquestionably good games.

The Detroit demo made me MORE interested in the game.

Uken122054d ago

David Cage games are not good games. They aren't even games. More like visual narratives with audience interaction.
Quicktime games are the worst. Maybe if it was $20-30 then ok. It's like saying 1,2 Switch is an awesome game. It isn't.

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meka26112055d ago

The main thing I'm worried about with this game is how much do you actually play? Or is this kinda like until dawn to where you have limited control?

Kingthrash3602055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

It's a game, you play it.
David cage games are unique. If you loOK at the trailers you will see that you play these games and experience the story by the choices you make. If you are expecting cod type run and gun stuff then the game isn't for you or the author.
I love these types of games because it's interesting to see your choices play out which varies depending on choice. So to answer your question, play this game all the way through but in a different way than running around and killing things. I never understood questions like this. Like nobody asks how much of a RTS game do you play or how much of a tell tail game do you play. You play all these games...redundant questions shows how shallow a gamer is.

meka26112055d ago

WTF are you talking about jackass? I asked a simple question I could not see how the gameplay was from the E3 trailer. Talk about really sensitive, same with others in here. 10 downvotes for a simple question? I wasn't even bashing the game. Do me a favor and remove head from ass. And for the record I like his games.

Kribwalker2055d ago

Until Dawn is my favourite PS4 game so far. I just wish there was an option move faster.

Liqu1d2055d ago

@meka If you like David Cage games then you should know how Detroit will play. Sounds like you aren't being honest.

ShwaaMan2055d ago

They were just asking a question dude. Sensative much?

KwietStorm_BLM2054d ago

The PlayStation defense force can be seriously mental at times on this site, but you just went completely overboard. meka just asked a simple question, and since you seem to be so knowledgeable of how Quantic Dreams' games work, then you should know it is a legitimate question, as opposed to the amount of control you have in a more action oriented or adventure type of game. Much of the design in QD's games are something like modern day point and click adventure games. There's nothing wrong with that if you know what you're buying, but it is what it is. Dating all the way back to Indigo Prophecy, their games are filled with 'sequences' and choices leading to something happening to your character, rather than straight forward playing through a linear path where you just start over if you die. meka even compared it to Until Dawn, which is a fair point to ask about. Yet they got 76 disagrees instead of actual answers. Hilarious in the worst way.

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bluefox7552055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

It is similar til Until Dawn, also every other QD game like Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Fahrenheit. More focus on interactive story-telling than gameplay. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoy them.

zackeroniii2055d ago

your a dumbass you said u liked his games so why the hell are you asking this question? if you like his games u should know about it shouldn't you. you're a failcake.

meka26112055d ago

Because games can change you dumbshit. All the trailer showed was story, no idea on how it would play. Until dawn is along the same lines but I feel it's much different and better than heavy rain. Christ you get curious and everyone jumps down your throat.

BeOpenMinded2055d ago

I've only watched gameplay and never played his games. I do genuinely want to know more so questions are relevant, the name calling... people stop listening and it's pointless

2055d ago
GamesMaster19822055d ago

Yes it will play pretty much the same as Untill Dawn, All David Cage games are like that i personally like them. But if you did not enjoy the gameplay in Untill Dawn the avoid thease games.

DONTB2055d ago

Well, in David Cage's previous game, Beyond Two Souls, You didn't have to press anything and the game would complete itself. I will be honest, It will probably be terrible like the rest of his games.

2055d ago
uth112055d ago

Until dawn is a good comparison for david cage games

HaikusfromBuddha2055d ago

That's literally it. A choose your own path game. Kind of like those books where you make choices and flip different pages.

RememberThe3572054d ago

Meka, you're a douchebag bro. You asked a stupid question because the trailer had gameplay. If you played QD games before, you'd be able to see that.

MrChow6662054d ago

simple answer: if you are looking for gameplay...look elsewhere

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jokerisalive2055d ago

Looks to much like an interactive movie kind of like the order but then again I loved the order so I may love this too. Either way Sony is embarrassing the competition in terms of realistic next gen graphics. This game, GT Sport , GOW4, Days gone, Spider-Man all look so real and on the Pro will be amazing.

remixx1162055d ago

Nah the problem with these games is they pretty much are interactive movies.

The order was still a video game through and through but if you've played beyond two souls made by David cage and it's a choice qte movie basically

sigrid2055d ago

Uh, that's not a "problem" people like it that way. I like to read books and there is no interaction in them at all.
People watch movies which again have no interaction. If you don't like it don't play it.

Nyxus2055d ago

That's not a problem, that's just the type of games he makes.

UCForce2055d ago

That's not his problem. It's his design choice in first place. David Cage aware his games are not for everyone, but he happy to see some fans who still support him till this day.

Germaximus2055d ago

The Order was not an interactive movie. The Order was a third-person shooter with almost no gameplay.

FyBy2054d ago

Order is different kind of game. Order is more action and qte related. QD games (heavy rain, fahrenheit, beyond) are more about decisions, emotions, little bit like Life is strange. I had same feeling about them. So its for people who prefer cinematic-like story with people and emotion filled masterpiece.

rainslacker2054d ago

More like adventure games without some sort of combat element, although they can have that to some degree, just not as deep as you'd see in an action game.

These kinds of games are more an innovation of the old point and click adventures of old.

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goldwyncq2055d ago

So the writer has a problem with the androids actually acting like androids?

Genuine-User2054d ago

The writer might have some journalistic issues as well.

CrimsonWing692055d ago

Here's what i don't get, there's all these different genre typed games. David Cage and Tell Tale Games do interactive cinematic storytelling kind of games. It's its own genre, so if you don't like that type of game then it isn't for you. I happen to like these types of games, so for me, I think it looked good.

It's just so tiring to here people complain about quick time events and how much are you going to "play" the game. Just move on for chrissake.

EverydayJoe2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Rated M for mature means more than blood/sex/violence means immaturity won't mix with games made by QD

I can't "play" through this "game" all jacked up on Mountain Dew. I can't even focus on the story I am so spun on caffeine. Guess I better play a twitch shooter.