Detroit: Become Human Reaches 6 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Detroit: Become Human is officially Quantic Dream's most successful title, having sold 6 million copies around the world.

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coolbeans611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

This is the gaming equivalent to the success of Michael Bay's Transformers.

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JEECE611d ago

It's amazing how much more this says about you than it does about Detroit.

coolbeans611d ago

What might that be? I'm guessing this'll involve a heavy dose of mind-reading on your part.

TricksterArrow611d ago

Makes me wonder what you think of actual gaming equivalents to Transformers like CoD and Resident Evil 6.

JEECE611d ago

Drawing inferences about someone based on the things they say is hardly mind reading. It's a standard part of being a human. I mean, it's basically how you understand other people. In most cases you don't go up to someone and ask them to describe their own personality and tastes; you figure out who they are by the things they say and do.

coolbeans611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

But it's dependent upon what kind of inferences are BEING DRAWN. Responding with this vague, pompous observation about how you're able to see something more about me from one sentence is not even in the same league as what you're describing in your 2nd response. Because of that, I'm more than justified to anticipate uncharitable mind-reading from you.

TheColbertinator611d ago

What's wrong with Transformers? Fun movies with cool explosions and longtime favorite characters fighting the Decepticons.

You movie snobs all clap like hungry seals at the Oscars but can't enjoy movies without wondering how it is a "storytelling masterpiece".

Pretty sad.

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medman609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

I bought this game day one on disc for my's one of the many, many, many games in my backlog I haven't gotten a chance to play yet, but I do look forward to playing it. I downloaded the game when it became available on ps5 in the psplus collection, so I'll probably end up playing that version.