Detroit: Become Human Surpasses 6.5 Million Units Sold

PSU writes: "Detroit: Become Human has surpassed 6.5 million units sold, between both PS4 and PC, after hitting the six million mark last July."

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NecrumOddBoy322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Nice. This is a must play and by far the best of QD’s titles (although I have huge love for Heavy Rain).

ApocalypseShadow322d ago

Agreed. This was a very good game. But I guess I love the genre that deals with humans and android like Almost Human which was cool watched in order but was cancelled, Humans, Ex Machina, I Robot, etc. I watch them all.

Cage definitely got this one right. It goes over similar material as other TV, movies and books, but it was put together well. Glad it sold.

S2Killinit321d ago

There is a very interesting show on HBO for you. Its called “raised by wolves”

porkChop321d ago

Almost Human was great. Yet another show that Fox killed with their meddling. I remember the show took two separate 2-3 week breaks in the middle of the season, just a couple episodes apart.

TallDarknWavy321d ago

This was a massive missed opportunity. Instead of really exploring the narrative that AI will one day replace humans, David Cage instead made a racism and slavery allegory with some of his dumbest writing to date. Just like all Cage games, he has the most condescending view of homeless people, who always have some secret society going on and are simultaneously the most moral, upstanding, ethical people, especially compared to anyone with money or power, who are cartoonishly bad. We get it Cage, you're a communist.

shadowT322d ago

love this game, Played it so many times and always got different endings. Even the main story line keeps the same, your actions and decisions can create a whole new plot.

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Godmars290321d ago

And? By all counts Quantic Dream/David Cage imploded their own reputation.

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Orchard321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

To this day, I am still very surprised that Sony did not buy Quantic. Especially after the HR, Beyond and Detroit era. Perhaps they tried but weren’t successful.

And now they’re off making multi-plats. Interested to see how their new title is.

CaptainHenry916321d ago

The same way I feel about Microsoft not buying Remedy 😁

Orchard321d ago

I’m glad that didn’t happen. The Microsoft back then is not the Microsoft of today, it would’ve limited their creativity and ultimately ruined Remedy.

A Remedy acquisition by Epic seems more likely nowadays.

SullysCigar321d ago

^ they didn't even need to buy Remedy to achieve that. See: CrossfireX

CaptainHenry916321d ago (Edited 321d ago )


I guess you're right. Crossfire X is definitely one of the worse games I have ever played. I couldn't even finish the game.

321d ago
Orchard321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

@SullysCigar That hasn’t ruined Remedy though, most people associate CFX with SmileGate, not Remedy, and they still have a good reputation and will continue to have creative freedom - I have high hopes for AW2.

@CaptainHenry God, if you think CFX is one the worst games, you should try out some of the games that scored even lower than it :p I recommend Ride to Hell 😂

Knightofelemia320d ago


You will probably see Remedy snatched up by Tencent before Epic even makes or considers making a move on Remedy.

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TheCaptainKuchiki321d ago

Quantic Dream didn't want to be purchased. Y'all act like a company can buy another anytime and without their approval.

kneon321d ago

If they are publicly traded then you can try, but QD is private company and are free to reject an offer for any reason, or no reason at all.

CrimsonWing69321d ago

Thank god they didn’t or anything from them would be censored worse than Indigo Prophecy was back in the day.

Godmars290321d ago

Likely because they don't have a sustained, ongoing IP. Something that could be done as a trilogy or series.

"The Microsoft back then is not the Microsoft of today,"

MS has really yet to show that they've changed.

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Godmars290321d ago


"Ori alone is more unique than the naughty dog clones and map marker open world trash sony craps out."

You put one indie title MS bought into after the fact of its popularity then made a co-op sequel against the entity of a Sony 1st-2nd party studio, and *I'm* the one in some kind of worship bubble?

As for console wars? There are none.

Nintendo's doing its own, low tech, thing, MS is more concerned with streaming than hardware, buying over making games and, as you said, Sony's more focused on open world action/drama.

Its really all about branding at this point and MS is struggling for something other than subscription online multiplayer when all they've done is subscription online multiplayer, as they transition to subscription gaming.

P_Bomb321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

“Ori alone is more unique than the naughty dog clones and map marker open world trash sony craps out. Maybe get out of ur sony n4g worshipping mentality…”

Um, Detroit: Become Human thread?

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Christopher321d ago

With how long they take to make games and how long they take to reach 6.5m sold with AAA budgets and being multiplatform, I can see why they didn't.

Orchard321d ago

Those are fair points. I guess back in the day I just assumed they’d end under Sony and they didn’t.

gamer7804321d ago

I love QD but I like new ip and story so I’m a bit disappointed there are making a Star Wars game.

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babadivad321d ago

This was their worst game.

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porkChop321d ago

Hell no. This is the one with the least amount of plot holes and red herrings.

babadivad320d ago

Why did Todd tell you to put down food for the child?

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