GameDaily: Resistance 2 Interview with Ted Price

Resistance 2 takes place two years after the original game, as players once again play as Nathan Hale and battle the alien race known as the Chimera, except this time, the fight takes place in the U.S. To get more info on this exciting first person shooter and the PlayStation 3's biggest holiday video game, GameDaily spoke with Ted Price, President and CEO of Insomniac Games, Resistance 2's developer, to learn more about this thrilling sequel.

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Nineball21123670d ago

Game Daily: Resistance 2 debuts the same week as Gears of War 2. Your thoughts.

Ted Price: Ultimately, as a PS3 owner and an Xbox 360 owner myself, those are two games I would get. I want to have the most entertaining experiences on both consoles, so I am going to get the games that have the best feedback. So far, Gears has had fantastic feedback and I think it looks beautiful. Resistance will make a lot of PS3 owners happy too.

Now, can anyone imagine Cliffy B saying anything positive about the competition like that?

El_Colombiano3670d ago

Didn't Cliffy diss Resistance 2 before?

Marceles3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Cliff Bleszinski: Man, I think that competition is always positive, and bearing in mind that my game is better (laughs). I know and am friends with Ted (Insomniac), but I must say that despite being a good attempt, the quality falls short of the Gears of War 2.

I know Cliffy has to stand up for his franchise, but lol @ putting down Resistance 2's quality...look for something else to downplay but quality isn't one of them

candystop3670d ago

No he didn't downplay it and when RFOM1 was released and Gears got all the attention he went on to defend it and gave much praise to Ted. Cliffy and Ted are friends and I have no doubt have shared ideas.

Liquid Dust3670d ago

Ted makes my gaming world go round...

g3nkie3670d ago

Cliffy's head gets bigger and bigger as the days go on unfortunately....

ps360s3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

and the whole of the Resistance clan smack talking to the oppisite companies which is good and will always earn respect from all gamers.

Sony as a whole with their first and second party has been very mature towards the whole gaming world as of late, something MS should be aswell...ever since Xbox 360 came to light , all MS is doing is talking numbers and talking smack about Sony...I own both consoles but I don't like whole a company just talks about how the other company is not doing well ect ect

just puts me off! I mean why not just concentrate on your own company!

I remember when Sony was like this...look what happen when the Ps3 debuted...but Sony learned their lession and moved on, which is good!

Well Ted Price your the man! lol

Cliffy B should be more like him!

I love Gears and looking forward to Gears 2 but please don't be talking BIG! when right next to have something that seems bigger...

EDIT: Why o Why...maybe you're right... nice ID name BTW

Why o why3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

i honestly believe its a cutural thing. East vs West almost. Behaviour like Teds is common in the east and Cliffy's in the west. Humility vs Downplaying


juuken3670d ago

Ted Price is cool in my book.

otherZinc3669d ago

Halo 3 was the game that affected the Movie Industry.

running rampid3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

he truly is an honest developer.

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Jacobite3670d ago

The guy just to nice lol but he,s right I,m loking forward to playing both games ,more so Resistance 2

TheTimeDoctor3669d ago

anyone with the last name Price is obviously the man!

WINZLOW3670d ago

and stay classy. dont let anything mess your swagger up

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