Skyrim Nintendo Switch vs Xbox One S Special Edition Graphics Comparison

E3 2017 bring us yet another short gameplay trailer of Skyrim running on Nintendo Switch. Let’s compare it to Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One S. It’s like medium vs high to me. What do you guys think?

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Nu1398d ago

It looks the same to me.
I saw a comment saying the Switch couldn't handle the Remastered edition.

Vits1398d ago

Not a really good comparison, they took the Switch images from a trailer while the Xbox One S comes from gameplay itself, they also did not bother to recreate the same climate conditions on it shot and as seen in the second set of comparisons, the Switch resolution is all mess up.

But I really do believe that the Switch version is actually more similar to the RE than to the "normal" version. My only fear is that it might not hold the frame rate stable, but we will know when it is released.

AcidDvl1398d ago

Yes, the trailers that have come out from the Switch 'edition' are all from the PS4/Xbox One Definitive Edition.

They haven't showed the game running on a Switch yet, so this 'comparisons' are worthless.

The 10th Rider1398d ago


What are you talking about? The footage with the Link gear and Master Sword is clearly from the Switch version. How can it be from the Xbox/PS4 version when neither of those versions have those items?

milohighclub1398d ago

aciddvl, you can clearly see the res difference, not from the same version at all.

bluefox7551398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Look at the trees and foliage, it's blurry on the Switch and clear on modern day consoles.

cleft51398d ago

Honestly, I thought the Switch version would look worse. I am surprised it doesn't look worse. The image resolution is messed up, but thats because of the comparison method. Even so, I think that this will actually look solid on Switch, especially in handheld mode.

Movefasta19931398d ago

The switch version has nice colours

DivineAssault 1398d ago

The simple fact the switch is a portable wii u is good enough.. Having a game of this scale on the go is impressive to me.. Not saying i want the game again but its nice to know its capabilities

EddieNX 1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

The Switch version is closer to the remaster than the last gen version. Poor comparison with some beeing zoomed in.

onisama1398d ago

Nintendo switch is a wonderful console

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The story is too old to be commented.