Bethesda Shows Off ‘Skyrim’ For Nintendo Switch

Bethesda has given us a look at Skyrim on Nintendo Switch. Watch it below.

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EliteGameKnight1410d ago

It'll be interesting to see how that motion control works. It's nice that Bethesda is taking the time to take advantage of the Switch's features.

mikeslemonade1410d ago

Switch can't even handle skyrim remaster lol

naruga1410d ago

^^agree...tragic..... why even bothered the nintnendo guys to bring a mediocre game of last gen on Switch ?

Prince_TFK1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Does it affect people's enjoyment of the game whether or not it is remastered? When the game originally came out did people say "Ewwww da game suckss!! I will enjoy it better if it gotz remastered!!" ?

While I'm certainly not that happy that its not remastered, I can understand why. IMO being able to play the game everywhere everytime outweight "greatz graphic fidelity" which once the honeymoon period with the game is over, you won't notice it that much anyway.

I swear many of these fanboys have just crawls out of their cave recently espcially since its E3 time. Its gotten to the point of annoying really, any positive articles related to Nintendo and MS got trolled to oblivion.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

PS4/Xbox One can't even handle a remaster of a last gen game at 60fps lol

freshslicepizza1410d ago

It actually looks pretty good but I want to see Digital Foundry talk about it because the frame rates need to be decent.

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iDadio1410d ago

If this is a true Skyrim port then a few seconds later on the trailers thumbnail you are about to be launched 100's foot in the air by that giant.

himdeel1410d ago

Only questions I have are:

How long can you play it in handheld mode?

Why buy this version, if you have access to any other console?

davand1141410d ago

Q1) Who knows?
Q2) Because you can play it whenever and where ever you want.

TheColbertinator1410d ago

Hahah love the Amiibo support

Takwin1410d ago

Amiibo stuff was awesome and hilarious. This will sell well. Skyrim to go is great.

EddieNX 1410d ago

The graphics looked amazing for Switch as well.

EddieNX 1410d ago

Hang on, why are people dissing the graphics? It looks genuinely incredible considering its running on a mini tablet. A lot of the next gen effects are clearly present as well. If youre not impressed that these graphics are being produced by a 6 inch tablet, then youre a troll, and youre not worthy of having a discussion with.

Ricegum1410d ago

Your comments are just awful.

Sono4211410d ago

They aren't necessarily awful, just... predictable, boring. Literally never adds anything to any discussion because he is always in "Nintendo is amazing" mode. There is no other mode for this guy and it's just sad.

EddieNX 1410d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

ooo a pair of trolls disagreeing with a Nintendo fan and resorting to insults. Take your immature selfs back to the cave, I stand by my comments. The sad thing is the trolls who attack the Switch. Insults are just exposing the fact youre both 16-17 year olds.

Sono4211409d ago

yeah because anyone saying anything other then "Nintendo is amazing! everything they do is incredible!" is a troll right? Yeah.. totally.. predictable Eddie at it once again.

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mcstorm1410d ago

I agree the graphics look stunning and show what it can do. the Amiibo looks interesting but the motion controls I'm not interested in.

Sono4211410d ago

Do you own anything other than Nintendo systems? I think it's safe to assume no.

Istolla1410d ago

I own more than Nintendo consoles, the graphics looks stunning to me as well.

EddieNX 1410d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

XB1S upgrading to Scorpio to go with my Switch and massive 4K HDR Bravia . Are u anything other than a sad troll? I assume not. My comments were on point, sorry theyve upset you lol. I said they looked amazing FOR SWITCH not any other console. I have the special edition already lol, i'm gunna trade it in and get the Switch ver.

RSKnight1410d ago

1980: There will be flying cars in the future.
2017: Skyrim with MOTION F***ING CONTROLS!!! wwweeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

The 10th Rider1410d ago

Amiibo stuff actually looked cool. The motion controls looked awful. I don't see why they didn't go with some simple motion assisted aiming like what Zelda has.

blawren41410d ago

I hope every game that has any kind of shooting has motion assisted aiming like Zelda/Splatoon. I hope that is an option.

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davand1141410d ago

Do you really want some texting and driving in a flying car? Somebody will crash into your roof while your eating breakfast because they were checking twitter.

wonderfulmonkeyman1409d ago

Makes a good bar story if you survive, at least!XD