God of War takes over LA

The giant God of War E3 ad in LA is nearing completion. Come see the various stages of it's progression here.

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chrisx2541d ago

The Hype is Real! Could we see a 2017 release? Can't wait for E3

PlayStationBrah2541d ago

Man, idk. Little birdies keep telling me early 2018. However, 2017 would be AMAZING!!

Rimeskeem2541d ago

I'm hoping one of Sony's big games comes out christmas. Days Gone, GoW, Sucker Punches new game, etc, so many potential candidates.

bluefox7552541d ago

I'm okay with 2018. Holidays are usually saturated with 3rd party releases, I like when Sony fills out the rest of the year with first party titles.

Rude-ro2541d ago

Days gone needs the space, so that would be the March release. New ip.
God of war can dance with all the big boys... so I can see this being ok in the fall.
Will be interesting seeing what Sony does with the fall this year.
They just have too many games coming!

Elimin82541d ago

to me GOW has always been a March game. Soooooo 2018 release?

morganfell2540d ago

Sony isn't going to decorate a building to advertise next year.

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UltraNova2540d ago

My money is on a Dec 2017 release. Fingers crossed.

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Ceaser98573612541d ago

Its a 2018 release.. Even the Kratos actor has changed year 2017 to year 2018... Fall release would be dicey since its a Heavy Third party games galore ... I could see a Spiderman release this Oct too and GT SPORTS around Sep..

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VannTheDawn2540d ago

I Remember earlier this year, Cory Barlog posted on Twitter that the game is playable from start to finish.

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UCForce2541d ago

Hype Train is about to begin !

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ClayRules20122541d ago

Bloody Hell... the impact of God of War at E3 this year will be felt by ALL! I can't wait =)

P.S. That pic for the article looks Epic!

StormLegend2541d ago

The hype is real! My body is so ready!!!

pyroxxx2540d ago

It is not,.. It is shoking what Santa Monica guys can do with the system. They are the ones, people will be screeming of who needs a ps5 5 years from now.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2541d ago

I just hope his son plays more of an Ellie role an stays the f*ck outta the way... I have Gods to CLEAVE!!!

ClayRules20122541d ago

"I just hope his son plays more of an Ellie role an stays the f*ck outta the way... I have God's to CLEAVE!!!"

LOL, you and me both =)

zombiewombie2541d ago

I have a feeling this is the kids training and that Kratos will die. I think the kid will be the main character going forward.

thejigisup2540d ago

Kratos will die at the end, like fr fr. His son will hear of Egypt and their god of the dead. The next god of war game will take place in and or around Egypt where kratos jr will try to draw anubis out and take his power to resurrect his father. In order to do this he challenges Set (the egyptian god of war) and kills him. Anubis dont give an f really. This pisses off jr, so he goes and starts killing all of the Egyptian pantheon..but then ra shows up, starts f'n stuff up but then jr finds a way to channel his rage and beats the stuffing out of ra. Just as junior is about to deliver a swanton bomb as a finisher....FUSION HA! AMUN RAAA. Amun ra now uses his ultimate attack: Vengeance Cry! Caw caw. This sound pierces the heavens jr's ears are bleeding oh no. He passes out. As amun ra ascends past the clouds he awakens all of kratos' felled opponents and instructs them to kill poor lil jr. We now see jr much older hunting his father's enemies taking them out one by one.