Would you welcome an XB1/PS4 Handheld?

Would you welcome a PS4/Xbox One Handheld device to play your digital games on?

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Araragifeels 1514d ago

Xbone handheld with what game? There exclusives for it plus I don't think a handheld would handle Crackdown 3 destruction online plus might overheat .

AOXSquare1514d ago

You've not read the article, have you?

TheCommentator1513d ago

He's still groggy because he just crawled out from under his bridge.

Leeroyw1513d ago

I would absolutely accept a down scaled 720p portable way to play my massive ps4 library.
I would also love an excuse to buy a portable Xbox One and ply all those games I've missed out on in, admittedly, a lower frame rate and resolution.
I still play my Vita and may get a Switch.

headblackman1512d ago

well if resolution and power is why made you miss out on the xbox one, then i hope you're going to purchase the xbox scorpio so you no longer have to worry about playing a game in and inferior resolution or with low power. since that's your reason for missing out.

XanderZane1511d ago

It would depend on a lot of things. Definitely the price of the systems ad games. How powerful the systems were. How much support they would get. I got a 3DS because it has huge game support and lots of exclusives you can't play anywhere else. Plus the price was right. It also was B/C with the original DS and I own tons of those games too. So it was worth getting. Don't know if I would rush out and buy another Sony handheld after the little support it's receiving now. I'm not even thinking about the Switch for at least another year or so. Microsoft had already said they weren't planning on making any handheld systems in the future.

Death1514d ago

I've streamed to my Vita from my PS4 and I've streamed to my Surface from my Xbox One and used my Xbox One controller with it. I didn't care for the small screen experience on either. I get the appeal of gaming on the go, but porting console games to a small screen doesn't always go well. To me, mobile gaming should fit the platform and the games should be shorter since mobile is usually for killing time in between doing other things.

AOXSquare1514d ago

It wouldn't be about porting the games, as this would be basically the Xbox One and PS4 system in handheld form, no need to port....

Death1513d ago

Maybe port wasn't the best word to use, I mean not all games designed to fit a big screen play well on a much smaller screen. Something that measures a couple inches across on a 50" screen is very difficult to see on a 5" screen.

TheCommentator1513d ago

Play anywhere may someday allow for mobile to play XB1 software through Play Anywhere. I think making a dedicated portable vs. using the portable smart devices we already own is rather pointless.

Tech51513d ago

"Would you welcome an XB1/PS4 Handheld?"

not so much for me. i never have the time that i wish when i'm on the go to play anything big. even when i make time it's still not enough and so i'm just fine with stationary gaming.

2pacalypsenow1513d ago

Nah, I don't want an under powered PlayStation or Xbox.

CrimsonPheonix1512d ago

They're already underpowered running on jaguar chips.

Bigpappy1513d ago

No to Xbox handheld for me. Of any kind. But if other people want one, they should let M$ know. It's just not how I game

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The story is too old to be commented.