Modder Turns N64 Into a Gameboy Advance SP called the "N64 SP"

Dubbed as the "N64 SP" this modded console brings the library of the N64, with the portability that the Gameboy Advance SP offered.

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XxINFERNUSxX542d ago

Ben Heck would be proud :D This looks fantastic.

excaliburps541d ago

Indeed. I only want N64 so I can play AKI wrestling games. LOL!

BrainSyphoned541d ago

Nintendo nuked his house the next day.

JustTheFax541d ago

Too bad the n64 was awful. Worst console I ever owned!

Sgt_Slaughter541d ago

That is probably the best looking/functioning N64 portable I've ever seen. Cleaned one I've seen too.

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