That Time Nintendo Used Prison Labor to Make Game Boys

It's time for another "That Time" article, where we focus on the bizarre and sometimes upsetting moments in Nintendo history. This week, we talk about that time Nintendo used prison labor to build Game Boys. Oh, boy.

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XbladeTeddy28d ago

I'm sure a lot of stuff is still made using prison labour given it's made in China.

Jeriphro28d ago

As implied in the article, Nintendo removed their statement from their website condemning the use of prison labor, which is not a good sign, in my opinion. Subtle messages like that could easily imply that Nintendo is still using prison labor or forced labor in China to produce product for cheap. Ugh. This whole topic is upsetting.

Aussiesummer26d ago

Upsetting enough for you to stop buying nintendo products?

Golfcoachh28d ago

Yeah, look at the slave labor they use to make shoes. Nike finally said they wont use the product coming from that region supposedly, but two big Chinese shoe makers have doubled down and will continue to use the slave labor from the cotton plantations in China. Nice to see NBA stars who have signed contracts with those two shoe companies are quite quiet about it...

Tiqila28d ago

What is the other company?

fitofficial28d ago

Oh silly... their lives don't matter.


fitofficial28d ago

If the prisoners are legit prisoners and not China-Uyghur-type prisoners, who cares?

Jeriphro28d ago

Because it is still unethical, even if it is legal. These for-profit prisons bank off of the labor of their inmates, and much more often than not, the conditions are terrible. There have been numerous reports of abuse, overcrowding, violence, and sexual assault within the demands of this prison labor system, so this is not simply a "they are prisoners, so who cares?"-type of situation. This is simply abusive, slave-like expectations.

fitofficial27d ago

"Prison shouldn't be a deterrent", and other super smart ideas.

NSANiTY26d ago

I don't see a problem with prison labor as long as it's voluntary. If prisoners are willing to do it and get paid minimum wage to do it so they have money to buy extra things from the commissary or something, then I don't see a problem with it.

But if it's forced prison labor, thats where it becomes messed up and even worse in terrible conditions with zero pay. That's when it becomes slave labor. I think companies should be called out for any kind of forced prison labor, but not the voluntary, paid type.