Fifa 09 tested: Graphics quality, benchmarks and comparison to PES 09

PCGH tested the graphics settings of FIFA 09 and compared the individual settings. They also compared FIFA 09 with Pro Evolution Soccer 09.

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ape0073674d ago


it's a law of nature

TheMART3673d ago

So what if gameplay on Fifa has improved so much the last two games (2008/2009)... And if its king in gameplay AND graphics now?

sonarus3673d ago

WOW mart sporting LBP avatar. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO world will explode

lol. Judging from the fifa 09 demo gameplay and PES 2008, PES 2008>fifa 09

I am even hearing fifa looks worse this yr than it did last yr lol

Fifa gameplay has improved though i will admit but its still far too clumsy for me to enjoy after being spoiled by PES. I just hope konami doesn't find some way to ruin the game

thekingofMA3673d ago

i'm looking to get my first soccer video game (that shows which country im from...)

so which do you recommend?

most of my buddies have fifa and since they play this often i'm looking to get good at it

but if you say PES is better, then maybe i'll mix it up instead of just getting fifa 09

thanks beforehand

bumnut3673d ago

get what your friends play

i think fifa is better for casual foot ball fans, but die hard fans seem to prefer pes.

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Cheeky Gamer3673d ago

Oh come on - like PES was ever going to compete with FIFA in terms of graphics.

Gameplay is where it truly matters, and I am still undecided as to which one is the winner in that department. PES may have the fun-factor and fluid gameplay, but FIFA is much more realistic.

I will probably get both.

Fishy Fingers3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Either Fifa or PES are going to look great full spec on a PC (PC comparison), with football games I think it's much more important to own the one you think plays better.

Disagree? Ok buy whatever one you think plays worse....

Chubear3673d ago

That's got to be one of the crappiest non-sensical comparison vids I've ever seen. It certainly beats EGM's Dan Hsu's Halo3/Killzone II comparison for sure.

felidae3673d ago

it's always the same.

PES will have better gameplay. i played the Fifa 09 demo and it's the same as it ever was.

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The story is too old to be commented.