Did You Hear Single-Player Games Are DEAD

My Xbox And Me is a Podcast all about Xbox! Each week Mc Fixer and Joseph will get together to talk all things Xbox, News, Reviews & Rumors. This week on the podcast, the gang talks about a Netflix service for games, Phil Spencer's candid thoughts on Single Player focused games, and much more

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XiNatsuDragnel1548d ago

No i didn't hear that because their still revelant

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Godmars2901548d ago

Not to MS. course, they never really invested in them.

Obscure_Observer1547d ago


Yeah? One can only wonder how they manage to be ahead of Nintendo for 2/3 (Switch is out the equation) generations and had lost the last generation for Sony by only 1 million units sold.

Godmars2901547d ago

Hardly a wonder. Nintendo never involved itself, fell out of, the tech/spec war after the CD debacle that lead to the PS1. Failed to keep major 2nd and 3rd party support. Likewise the 360 launched well over a year before the PS3, benefited greatly from the COD/online multi craze. Yet still towards the end of an era it supposedly dominated saw it's gap in sales shrink rather than increase while also losing all but major 2nd and 3rd party support.

It more telling that MS effectively dumped the 360 for the XB1 out where Sony phased the PS4 into the PS3's place, as they did from PS1 to PS2 before.

Godmars2901547d ago

Actually, its more telling that Nintendo never really got into the MS/Sony Hardware War yet continued to introduce things like rumble and motion control, at least got more attention for the second, which the others then copied.

yeahright21547d ago

@obscure Can you eliminate that last year of 360 sales so that they're on the market for the same amount of time, and eliminate all the duplicate purchases caused by RROD and still make that claim?

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RommyReigns1548d ago

Single player game experiences are more relevant now than ever before.

naruga1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

^^@Rommy while you r always commenting negatively about me ...i agree with you..... as Scorpio release comes close wait to see numerous ridiculous Xbox friendly articles with similar theme ---"SP games are dying , Exclusives no matter anymore, Multiplats are the future , Scorpio doesnt need SP and other lame opinions from butthurt people of this generation

JasonKCK1547d ago

MP is the most popular genre of games around the world.

JasonKCK1547d ago


US (Playstation website)

@Dragonscale You were saying?

KwietStorm_BLM1547d ago

More relevant than ever before? Really?? Even more than when multiplayer wasn't even a thing? When every game was single player? Everyone stop circle jerking the Xbox hate and be logical for 2 seconds. Online multiplayer is clearly more relevant than ever before. That doesn't mean there aren't great single player games or campaigns, but just be for real. Multiplayer gaming defines the industry now. It's where the persistent flow of money comes from, and it's why it isn't uncommon for single player games to even have online modes now.

HotMoltenLava1547d ago

But if you actually read the article he is saying just that. He just says that multiplayer games are more relevant as of now and are able to be enjoyed for longer periods time. But go ahead and bash and believe the click bait title of the article. Hating on Microsoft is the cool thing to do on here no matter if it's true or false. In other words if there is no controversy make it up.

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lelo2play1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

The lack of interest in single player games from Microsoft's part, is one of the reasons I'm not that hyped about the Xbox Scorpio.

What's the point of owning a powerful console if you are not interested in it's games?

Nu1547d ago

I own the shitty ONE.. If you don't believe me check my profile.
The suspencer is killing the ONE

TargusX1547d ago

Plus how all COD games have offline SP bots - that's healthy too. Dark souls - SP/MP combined works so well - devs should take note imo

boomtube19871547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yes SP games is almost dead as long as the games are NOT GTA or Naught dog games. Thank you CoD. Now soon CoD will ditch ugly SP and go fully MP with 30 maps on disc

UCForce1547d ago

Then you disrespectful to traditional video game. It's like video game without discipline.

boomtube19871547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

@UCForce who cares. I dont play Nintendo games and i dont care about nerds. I wouldnt call myself a gamer if it wasn't for CoD, Fifa and GTA

UCForce1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Who care ? It's about video game culture. And it's about giving people both. You get rid of then you have no honor.

andrewsquall1547d ago

They are relevant, just not from Microsoft Studios going forward according to old Phil.

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iplay1up21548d ago

They are far from dead, LOL...BOTW has shown that in the past two months fantastic singe player game, and I am only half way done....Single player games just have to be done right. I personally always play the single player campaign, In games like Mass Effect...etc...Online Multiplayer is second for me personally.

RommyReigns1548d ago

I'm half way done in Horizon (I'm very slow, only amassed 30 hours but level 30 in game) and it's also awesome. Single player experiences rule!

Ristul1547d ago

Im lv 29 and have tons of fun with it too, the combat is intense (playing on hardest difficulty setting)

RommyReigns1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


I'm playing on normal difficulty because the platinum isn't difficulty dependent, plus I don't want to fly through the game and skip the big battles by playing on easy. Been concentrating on progressing through the game for the past few weeks but since Tales of the Borderlands is on PS+ this month I decided to take a slight break and pursue that platinum before returning to Horizon. Surprisingly I am enjoying TotB, it's got a great story and so far (I'm on episode 2, two and a half hours in starting today) the qte's and point and click discovering works well in the game, fits my personal ethos of only pursuing trophies and platinums for good, fun and enjoyable games (although I have a few exceptions like my brother's FIFA games which I decided to get the majority of trophies simply because of the ease of achieving them instead of fun factor (with FIFA 17 I'm on 80%)).

RosweeSon1547d ago

Your it alone I'm slow, like to take my time and enjoy things but glad I jumped Horizon up the backlog queue as it was amazing.

nowitzki20041547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

still havent beat Horizon, Zelda, or Nioh.. Still have to buy Yakuza and Persona 5... Its really dumb to say SP games are dead when the top games released this year are SP games lol...
edit: Well on Xbox, yeah it might be true.

Tussin1871547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yes, Horizon has been my first platinum on PS4. I just been enjoying games and not trophy hunting too much this gen. I just don't have the time anymore to do that like I used to plus my HUGE backlog.

But I had to do every in this game because I just loved it so much. I'm really thinking about playing through it again once the DLC drops and I get a 4k HDR TV. Right now I have a non HDR 4k TV and I want to replay it in all its​ glory. I can't even imagine what it looks like in HDR? Is it worth it?

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Gaming_Cousin1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Phil Spencer get the hell out of gaming entirely. This idiot has the dumbest ideas. I bet you that you can convince him that adding microtransactions to every single game is a good idea

remixx1161547d ago

Isn't that what he's doing tho....

Lol even their remasters are getting microtransactions added to them.

Artemidorus1547d ago

Xbox just want COD success, deadbeat endless sequels so you keep paying.

Remember though, it's a great "library"

yeahright21547d ago

greatest in xbox history

Patriot4Life1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Look up the best selling and most played PS4 game and tell what name popped up?