Xbox Game Pass is Slated To Lose Five More Games Soon

Five new games enter Game Pass' 'Leaving Soon' tab, with the list including two EA sports titles, a SNES-inspired RPG, and a space strategy sim.

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iplay1up2575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

Flight Simulator, the Ascent and more come to Game Pass this month. A bunch have also been added last month.

Jin_Sakai574d ago

Why are you trying to deflect? What you stated doesn’t change the fact that 5 games are leaving.

Knightofelemia574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

@ Jin_Sakai

Games leave and new games appear you can only hold onto that third party title so long before a company like Capcom, Square Enix, or even Sega pulls it from the streaming service. Microsoft and Sony pay the company to put their game on their streaming service and probably have a contract written stating how long the game will appear on the streaming service. Then once the expire date appears the game gets pulls or Sony and Microsoft pony up more cash to keep the game on the streaming service.

574d ago
Jin_Sakai574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

“It's a subscription service. Do you complain when Moves/TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.. leave the service?“

I’m not complaining. Just because there’s new games added doesn’t change the fact games are leaving now does it? Which is what the article is about.

Knightofelemia574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

@ Jin_Sakai

Again games leaving is a norm on streaming services again it come down to how long Microsoft or Sony can keep that certain title on their service. It's like milk you can keep it in your fridge for so long before it expires. The studio will stipulate to Microsoft or Sony how long they want their title on the streaming service. Too keep a third party title on a streaming service for years and years Sony and Microsoft would again have to shell out the cash or buy the ip off the studio. Games coming and going off a streaming service again is normal if you want the game so bad then just buy it. By the time a game that is not first party launch title but is a third party title hits the streaming service. It's all ready ran its course people have all ready played the game and it's usually around the $20-$30 mark new or even cheaper used. Microsoft and Sony usually run sales on their store front for the digital version if the game does not see a physical port.

Vits574d ago

I mean the article itself mentions some of the games that are going to enter Game Pass as well. So "iplay1up2" comment is not exactly off.

"It's slated to get even more games in the months to come too, whether that be the Xbox Series X/S port of Microsoft Flight Simulator or Turtle Rock Studios' co-op zombie game Back 4 Blood, which will be available on the service the day it launches".

Unless you only read the title of couse.

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iplay1up2573d ago

The service rotates games. I was simply pointing out there are 2 games new to Xbox joining Game Pass.

JackBNimble573d ago

It's no secret games rotate out of GP Jin, no need to be concerned. Anyone who wanted to keep any of those games will get them at a discount.

S2Killinit573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

MS has created an image that gamepass includes all games. The truth is that your access is very limited. If you want a game that is not on game pass, you either have to wait for it to possibly come to game pass, or pay for it which means you are paying more money than you would if you just picked the games you like and purchase them.

rakentaja573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

"Limited thinking". Some games leave so new games can enter, otherwise you play the same games the whole time.

UFC 1 and 2 will be replaced by Flight Simulator and The Ascent. UFC 3 will remain.

But bad for you.

Smok91573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Is there anything to deflect? It’s just video games and he’s pointing out what they gain in response to the losses. Maybe I just don’t care enough seems like such a trivial comment I can’t believe anyone cared let alone write paragraphs lmao

gamer7804573d ago

More interesting games are replacing these. It’s good to know.

FreeFallFrenzy573d ago

@Activision : lol I actually have! I was marathoning the 007 movies on Amazon Prime and they cut me short by six movies! I sent a request to have them added back on to the service, but instead they just added the final six to my catalog for free. Very nice of them actually!

Anghellic573d ago

it's still 100 times better than ps now

NeoGamer232573d ago

Why is anyone making a big deal of this anyhow? Everyone knows games fall off and get added to GamePass often. Other than the UFC games there is no significant surprise. and the UFC games are probably expiring licenses or shutting down servers.

People are making too much deal about what is coming on and going off of GamePass. I wanna see the news articles letting me know each month, but fans gotta relax.

Tedakin573d ago

Games come and go every month. That's how it works. You have a year to play each game, or more.

KillBill573d ago

He is simply pointing out the games leaving versus the games coming in. It is a cycle that occurs based on how long a developer chooses to keep their game in Game Pass.

CobraKai572d ago

I sure as hell think it sucks when stuff leaves Netflix and Amazon. I can be in the middle of a season of a tv show or have movies in my list of things to watch and then they’re gone.

SyntheticForm572d ago

"Xbox Game Pass is Slated To Lose Five More Games Soon"

That's a neutral statement and shouldn't be perceived as an attack on anyone or anything. His response was also appropriate. New games are going in and out of circulation all the time - that's what Game Pass is.

Why you took offense to his post - nobody knows.

Let the dude say they're being replaced - after all - they are being replaced.

DJStotty572d ago (Edited 572d ago )


Not sure they are trying to deflect, as opposed to going against the article making out like this is something that hardly happens.

This happens on a monthly basis, and more often than not within that month, more games are added than removed, it is not deflection, but more so factual data.

DJStotty572d ago


"Why are you trying to deflect? What you stated doesn’t change the fact that 5 games are leaving."

I know right!!!! PSnow has "lost" these games in July also :-

Street Fighter 5
The Crew 2
Marvel's Avengers

August :-

Jump Force
WWE 2K Battelgrounds

September :-

World War Z
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Borderlands 3

October :-


Seeing as we are focusing on the games leaving and not the ones added right?

brewin572d ago

And this is bad why? GP subscribers know this in advance. Not to mention, several of these are UFC titles from the past. PS Now does this as well. Here it actually helps spur sales though as those titles leaving get a discount on their way out. Its actually a great way to keep the service from feeling bloated. Why do we need anything more than the current UFC title on there? With PS Now its just strictly a numbers game. Sure there are MORE titles, but more does not = BETTER. Id much rather have DAY ONE releases any day of the week.

garos82572d ago

@ activision

Yes i do complain when a movie is removed from Netflix, especially when its in my watch later

DarkkMinion572d ago

He is not deflecting, he is stating the facts.

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Orchard574d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bender6502573d ago

That's the nature of the service is it not? New games in old games out. However, the most important games of all - MS first party AAA games will remain, and that's where the real value of Gamepass separates itself from the competition, currently.

FlavorLav01573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Maybe it will one day. Right now, all its got are old Halo, Gears, and Forza games. Once all their studios start firing, within another year or two will be when the offerings really make an impact. Right now, I’ve either played everything worthy of my time and the rest is Truck driving, farming, and goat SIMS….no thanks. But never say never. I’m sure they’ll have games I actually care about eventually.

Kavorklestein573d ago

Bethesda games are first party permanently. Don't forget that

FPS_D3TH572d ago

Lmao horizon 4 is old now? The last halo, halo 5 is no longer the newest halo? Despite the entire gears and halo franchise being available…. Right. And yet forza horizon 5 is releasing to it DAY 1. If you’re on pc, this gamepass is amazing. Got a brand new Xbox? Only seems smart to pay for an entire library to dip your toes in at the very least. Hate for gamepass 100% comes from fanboy bs or just pure ignorance and assumption. As a gamer, I love it

S2Killinit573d ago

Yeah which MS first party games provide this value that sets Gamepass apart “currently”?

Armyntt573d ago

First party or not, gamepass including ea access is an incredible value. I'm no Xbox Superfan, but it's borderline ignorance to not see the value.

S2Killinit573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

All of them “going forward” “currently” set them apart? How about we wait and see if their stuff are any good.

I see the value for some, but I think its borderline ignorance, possibly deceptive, not to recognize that you only have so much hours spent on gaming per week. If you are paying for even a single game and up, that is not offered on gamepass in addition to gamepass, you are getting dangerously close to paying more for the same amount of gaming you would be doing without gamepass. (But that also depends on how much you are currently spending on gamepass, and how much gaming you do in total). The more time you spend only on gamepass offerings, the more it will make sense. But if you find yourself wanting to play games not on offer in gamepass, then you either have to hold back from what you really want to play, OR buy said game(s) in addition to what you pay for gamepass.

JackBNimble572d ago

I think the $2.50 a week is well worth it even if you have limited time to play games per week.
And people to busy to game just don't game ...

S2Killinit572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

- First, Is everyone paying $10 per month?
- Second, are you sure MS isnt slowly raising that price?
- Third, even at $10/month, it depends on how much of your gaming is done on gamepass. At $10 you are paying $120 per year for gamepass! If you buy even a single game outside of gamepass during that year, you are paying $120 plus $69-79, which is $190-200. If you end up spending your time on 3 games per year, you are paying roughly the same buying those games at full price! And that’s not even considering that you could get one or all of them after release, at a discount… AND you are not limited to what is on offer on gamepass…

DuckOnQuack35572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

Lmao S2killinit you're Killin it being a huge sony fanboy. It's laughable dude. Don't you have something better to do rather than coming into every Xbox article to spew your Microsoft is bad bs?
Ps I know I'll get banned for this even though you Sony workers say fanboy all day but anytime someone says it about you on this site...ope there's a ban, this site has gone into the shitter
Pss S2killinit grow the hell up man it's a fucking plastic box pick what you prefer and leave people alone

DJStotty572d ago (Edited 572d ago )


"If you buy even a single game outside of gamepass during that year, you are paying $120 plus $69-79, which is $190-200."

Ok so your saying i could pay $120 a year for a gamepass sub? along with 1 game outside for $200 total? So if i played 100 games within that year, that works out at just over $1.50 - $2 per game right?

So on other platforms them same 101 games, let's go for an average low game cost of $20 each? will cost $2,020 total on either PS/Switch.

Yeah i see what your getting at Gamepass is a rip-off /s

PS - your findings are based on just 3 games per year, which is a perfect figure to shovel in your narrative, but the chances are all console gamers will buy on average 20-30 games per year.

S2Killinit572d ago

My point is that even at one game outside gamepass you can have people who are better off spending their money on buying games rather than paying for subscriptions. I imagine people who play 20-30 games per year (which is a lot) will be forced to purchase a lot of those games outside of gamepass. Otherwise they would feel very limited by what is on offer in gamepass.

NotoriousWhiz571d ago

Your math is off. Game pass (at full value) costs $180 per year. That means you only need to be interested in 3 AAA games (or 9 indies, or some combination thereof) to break even on your investment.

It doesn't matter if you play 5 games within a year or 50. As long as there at least 3 on the service that interest you, then you break even.

S2Killinit571d ago (Edited 571d ago )

Correction, as li g as ghere is at least three that occupy your gaming. Otherwise, If you like 3 and play them but then go and buy games you like that are not on gamepass, you could have bought those 3 gamepass games as well a d saved money.

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JayRyu573d ago

Going to pick up crosscode at discount before it leaves

Bender6502573d ago

Exactly. And that's why devs like the service. The idea that you have to play all games to completion before they leave the service isn't necessarily true. And, as you point out, you can buy at a discount.

aaronaton573d ago

It blows my mind that there are people out there actually own an Xbox, never mind subscribe to Game Pass.

AmUnRa573d ago

Cous you know there ar still people that buy the games they realy like.
From appr. 60 mil. Xbox owners 18 mil. have GamePass and that is with the PC GamePass users. Alot people dont want GamePass strange is it?

Dissidia573d ago

People buying what they like blows your mind? Get over yourself

573d ago
NeoGamer232573d ago

It is just as logical to own XB as any other console. I have all three (PS, XB, Nintendo), and the reason I have all three is that not a single one can do everything I want to do on it.

I bought PS for the action-adventure exclusives. I bought Switch for Mario / Zelda exclusives.... I bought XB because its platform allows me to play on many different devices, and I feel that the subscription services (XBL and GamePass) are the best subscription services on the market. Plus an emerging theme is that the Bethesda games are looking like they are moving to XB exclusivity.

There are reasons to justify the purchase of all three consoles.

franwex573d ago

I’m one of them. I’m pretty mind blowing-I know.

Tedakin573d ago

It blows my mind that there are people who have their minds blown by others liking something they don't.

SyntheticForm572d ago

Many things can boggle a mind, but someone choosing a different console should absolutely boggle no one's mind.

JeffGUNZ572d ago

How does it blow your mind? Do you assume everyone has a gaming rig who is buying Xbox? I used to game on Xbox and PS, then I built a gaming PC years back. Now for me, it makes no sense to invest in an xbox. I just subscribe to PC Gamepass and cover my bases that way. Yet, a lot of console gamers enjoy the simple plug in and play on the couch and have no desire to game on a PC. If they like what Xbox offers, why wouldn't they own the console?

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