Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale Live, Over 700 Games Discounted Listed (US)

Microsoft has launched the Xbox Store Ultimate Game Sale (Summer Sale) and there are over 700 games discounted. Here's the full list.

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brewin60d ago

Xbox has no games is a phrase I hear frequently on this website. There are some incredible games on sale right now. Some of last Jen's finest exclusives can be had super cheap. A lot of them also on Game Pass yes but if you want to own a digital copy now's the time. Sunset Overdrive deluxe version for $7.50. Quantum break for $10. Forza Horizon 4 ultimate for 44. Gears 5 game of the year for 25 the Ori games for 17. Just right there there's a lot of games and most of them feature all the DLC. I highly advise Playstation only gamers to at least pick up a series s and check out some of these games. I think Playstation only gamers are missing out by not playing these particular titles. Particularly Sunset Overdrive. That is insomniac's most original title and probably the second best game they've ever made!

autobotdan60d ago

Are you are seriously trying to convince Playstation gamers on n4g to buy an xbox?! That's like trying to convince United States speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi to turn republican lol

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ToddlerBrain60d ago

Overwatch for $14.99 is a good deal. OW2 is on the way but there is no real timeline at the moment so you’d certainly get your money’s worth if you haven’t already purchased.